Wall Street Journal published an article on Feb 13, 2020, …

Comment on Pacific Union College Encouraging Homosexual Marriage? by JoAnn.

Wall Street Journal published an article on Feb 13, 2020, by Colin Wright and Emma Hilton titled: The Dangerous Denial of Sex.

This article ends with — The time for politeness on this issue has passed. Biologists and medical professionals need to stand up for the empirical reality of biological sex. When authoritative scientific institutions ignore or deny empirical facts, in the name of social accommodation, it is an egregious betrayal to the scientific community they represent. It undermines public trust in science, and it is dangerously harmful to those most vulnerable.

(Mr. Write is an evolutionary biologist at Penn State. Ms. Hilton is a developmental biologist at the University of Manchester.)

Recent Comments by JoAnn

Dr. John Campbell: mRNA Vaccines Cause Lethal Encephalitis?
Two brains, locked in on the official narrative. Please look outside of the box. Jesus walked and talked and cared for people outside the box. Follow your leader who warned about deceptions by big pharma and big business as the beast the harlot church rides — Revelation 18:23
“… all nations were deceived by your sorcery (pharmakeia)!

Revelation 18 23 – Discover Babylon’s Deception by Pharmakeia / Sorcery!

Jesus reached out asking to “let us reason together.”
“A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out” (Matthew 12:20).
There is a spirit in the SDA Church that is breaking reeds and putting out wicks.
Not an example of who we say is our leader.

Wilson/ADCOM/Hart disowns members who dare want to “let us reason together” about the Vaccine Statement. Attorney Zirkle’s request stomped by Wilsons command to delegates to vote NO, and by a mal-functioning electronic voting system that would not even register the seconds to Zirkle’s motion. Request to check the electronic voting system was rejected by GC. Not something Jesus would reject.

You say without compassion:
Really? Why then haven’t the sudden death rates for adults or young healthy athletes increased since the mRNA vaccines became available?

You say the vaccine is a risk-benefit decision. I say that each “risk” dying or harmed is a human person, not a throw-away statistic. Where is the informed consent, and information on vaccine adverse affects within the vaccine medicine box? Do you have a copy of what information about the vaccine is provided to patients and doctors?

Athlete deaths are 1700% higher since Covid 19 vaccine began.

Study finds Athlete Deaths are 1700% higher than expected since Covid-19 Vaccination began

Book: Sudden Deaths in 2020-2021
Children’s Defense Fund, Edward Dowd, Robert Kennedy

Names of athletes who died after vaccine began:

Tucker Carlson interview:

Excess Mortality Goes Mainstream in Earth-Shattering Ed Dowd/Tucker Carlson Interview

I know you will say that all the above are non-worthy opinions when compared to the opinions of the experts in the above article. Every opinion that differs is immediately discarded.

Dealing with narcissists who think they are empathic:

Review of “The Naked Emperor” by Pastor Conrad Vine
Jesus is a counselor with kindness, empathy, compassion. Jesus modeled the way we are to treat others.

Ted Wilson, ADCOM members, and Dr. Hart do not model Jesus’ counseling skills.
“Let us reason together” from over 25,000 professional SDAs is a reasonable request given the world wide impact of the Vaccine Statement created by such a few.
Wilson could have said: “I realize that the Vaccine Statement has caused distress in our Adventist family. I suggest we assemble a committee to provide transparency, discussion, and resolution to enable our church family to heal and move forward.”

Jesus is a perfect blend of hard (technical, God’s law) skills and soft (empathy, compassion, understanding) skills. This website’s soft skills equal zero. For your information, to see an example of a physician with a blend of hard and soft skills, watch —

“A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out” (Matthew 12:20).

There is a spirit in the SDA Church that is breaking reeds and putting out wicks.
Not an example of who we say is our leader.

Review of “The Naked Emperor” by Pastor Conrad Vine
Thank you. Learned. Soft skills non-existent.
Allow dissenting opinions because it is a love of argument that fuels your fire.
Wishing you and Duane McBride many happy experimental mRNA boosters as your SDA Health Message.

Review of “The Naked Emperor” by Pastor Conrad Vine
Character of Jesus is that of a counselor. We are to have the character of our God. Attorney Zirkle represented 25,000+ professional SDAs. You say Zirkle was representing “minority” of the church. Jesus did not ignore “minority” family members who were hurting and requesting “let us reason together” because character of Jesus is counselor full of compassion. There are hard skills, which you show in abundance, then there are soft skills that Jesus came to earth to show in abundance.

Character of Wilson displayed hard skills of tyranny towards a hurting “minority” of SDAs to keep the meeting moving by steamrolling the “minority.” Vote was taken after Wilson ordered delegates to vote “NO” with no other discussion allowed. GC2022 was an exercise in hard skills; your answers are an exercise in hard skills — both shut downs to dissent.

I am so happy that Jesus is a God of soft skills, and understands the “minority.” I was a counselor for 31 years. My job was to help the “minority.” I have a feeling that the Pandemic is being used as a test of who calls themselves God’s people. As the “minority” came to Pharaoh, the requests of the “minority” caused hardness of heart (hard skills only) — no compassion (no soft skills displayed). Moses made requests to Pharaoh for the “minority” that were refused. Zirkle made requests to Wilson for the “minority” that were refused. What if Wilson would have stood up and said, “It is best that we face this issue to discuss since there are so many in our SDA family that are upset and stressed about the Vaccine Statement. I ask you to vote “YES” so that we can set up a committee to research and discuss the world wide consequences of the Vaccine Statement.” That would have been a soft skills statement to reflect our leader Jesus.

Continue with your hard skills smashes of every dissent. Families cannot smash down dissenters without consequences reflecting back on the quality of the family unit and quality of each individual within that family unit. I am newer SDA; joined a church I thought reflected God’s character; and am seeing that all that glitters (highly educated SDAs) is not gold, or even nice.

Review of “The Naked Emperor” by Pastor Conrad Vine
General Conference has not mandated that people take the vaccination. It has given people a choice. (No choice — Forbids SDA members from using the name Seventh-day Adventist in a religious conscience document — unless you call that a choice — “we want you as members, but do not mention that you are our member.”)

Detail omitted: Attorney Zirkle was presenting for over 25,000 concerned SDA professionals who wanted to “reason together” about the experimental vaccine (for which the CDC had to change the definition of “vaccine.”). 25,000+ shut down.

Detail omitted: Electronic voting was not working correctly. Seconds to Attorney Zirkle’s motion did not register with the moderators’ table. Also, comments during GC2022 where delegates asked if electronic voting, especially remote electronic voting, was working since the number of votes was much lower than the number of delegates. Request to investigate electronic voting ignored.

Details omitted: Concerns about the deceptions surrounding the experimental mRNA — DailyClout.io website publishes reports about Pfizer’s tests of mRNA hidden from the public including on pregnant women (study Pfizer promised still not released). Pfizer wanted test results hidden for 75 years — judge said “no” and required the test results in 8 months. DailyClout’s volunteers of 2,500 medical professionals and 200 lawyers analyzed the documents the judge ordered released. Very disturbing.

Details omitted: Concerns about adverse reactions and sudden death ignored. GC does not want to look.

I know that people are becoming settled into their truth. Time of the church’s shaking is happening. Church as a family cannot even “let us reason together” as evidenced by GC2022 heavy handed tactics in illegitimately and secretly producing the Vaccine Statement and attitude towards questions. So we are left with the fact that GC/ADCOM/Dr. Hart’s Vaccine Statement is non-negotiable since the tithe-employed patriarchs of the family have stopped their ears towards a large segment of the non-tithe employed church family.

Enjoy your “truth” settlement. I am settled elsewhere.