Stupid people think sex or “gender” can be only male …

Comment on Pacific Union College Encouraging Homosexual Marriage? by Tim.

Stupid people think sex or “gender” can be only male or female. There are textbooks full of genetic and developmental anomalies resulting in intersex conditions of mismatched chromosomes, gonads, ducts, and genitals. Stupid people deny this. The biggest sex organ of all is the brain, and it, too, is subject to genetic, developmental, and epigenetic influences that bear on sexual identity, attraction, and preference. Stupid people believe God doesn’t care about whether the brain or specific regions of the brain are feminized or masculinized, because they believe all God really looks at is what’s between our legs. Stupid people think God is too stupid to see mismatches among sexual chromosomes, tissues, and organs that might also involve the brain. I think stupid people should leave the thinking to God. But check out below the stupid replies to this message from stupid people who are stupid enough to think they are smarter than God.

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Pacific Union College Encouraging Homosexual Marriage?
How ironic that you folks have sought confirmation from evolutionary biologists! As if they can be trusted!

Unfortunately, those biologists omitted from their written pieces any mismatch between the brain and other gender-related tissues. We can ignore them, even though we can increasingly “see” them via modern-day imaging; there are ample published papers now documenting these mismatches. But does God ignore them? (I realize you guys absolutely know the mind of God, and how he judges.)

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