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I did look at the video myself, but it is basically the same lecture that I recently had in one of my Scientific Discoveries class periods. The video is only a 40 minute lecture, as was said before.

Does no one have a reply to the second half of my comment?

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Something I think that everyone seems to be missing on this topic is that we as students are not children, and are not so impressionable that if we’re taught something different, it’s going to affect us so adversely. We’re adults, and are quite past the age of responsibility. As someone else has already said, this is our time to learn to critically think about issues. And for issues like this, we are never going to have all the answers.

It is interesting to examine all the facts and go to the Bible to try and piece them together. How do we know we’re interpreting the Bible correctly when we place weight on these beliefs? It’s just another question to ask. And we’re not really going to know until Jesus comes…so why get so worked up about it? Explore, question, wrestle with God about it. All a professor is doing is presenting the information and the possibilities, and we as students process them and think about them for ourselves.

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As some others have already said, this makes me extremely upset that these professors are being attacked for presenting all sides of the issue. The best thing about learning in an institution like PUC is that for the most part, the professors aren’t going to force you to believe anything, they are going to show you all sides of the issue and then you decide what you want to believe (which is what college is for, after all, becoming educated enough to have a discussion to discover what you believe and know). I am taking a class from Dr. Ness as well this quarter, and it is refreshing to hear all sides of the issue, and honestly, I doubt any of us will know what actually happened in the past until Jesus comes. So many people take the Bible so literally, when even with its inspiration, it was still written by humans, translated by humans, and has been passed down through many, many years, and there is no way that some error or misunderstanding, however minute, may have come into it. I’m not saying that the Bible is unreliable, but it’s important to remember that, instead of going face-forward into “the Bible is always right!” without examining all the facts that we know now.

Finally, it is a personal choice to believe what you believe. No matter how the Adventist Church looks at it, there are different sections of people who believe different things, whether they like it or not. And it is better to make an informed choice on what you believe rather than blindly choosing something just because your church tells you to. And the professors at PUC, including Dr. Ness, give you the information.