I would have to disagree with many of you. While …

Comment on Michigan Conference takes substantial action in LSU conflict by Elizabeth Wilson.

I would have to disagree with many of you. While taking a strong stand against something that they believe in, the Michigan Conference is risking the futures of any student of a Michigan Conference employee by refusing to honor their previous subsidy commitment. Perhaps they feel students will choose to transfer to another Adventist college or University, but having done this myself, I know that any previous class credits will NOT be accepted by every college and they will have to start over.

What’s more, threatening to pull tithe and sending it to another conference will only hurt those in the community it is meant to help. Does one school’s actions make it alright to refuse to continue God’s work in that area? I understand that you feel a stand is necessary, but at what cost? Are these actions in line with the Adventist doctrine you are so strongly trying to hold on to? I fear that this is only going to cause a division in the church, something which Paul did everything in his power to prevent.

I fear that the faith in the children of the church must be so low, that you cannot allow them to hear anything but what you want them to hear. What are you going to do when they leave school and are out in the real world, and hear opinions that differ from your own? God wishes us to think for ourselves, question, and formulate ideas. Without this we would not and could not learn. I also think that by doing this we can discover God for ourselves, and develop a true relationship with him, rather than one force fed to us by our parents and the church.