@Dr. Stone, thanks for sharing. I wondered before if other …

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@Dr. Stone, thanks for sharing. I wondered before if other conferences would return the funds to me out of simple comity to their sister conferences. Your experience suggests such would not be the case.

Re CCC taking a similar stance. Take into account however, that it’s one thing for Michigan, a conference light years away in every sense from the scene of the action, to take such a stance. It would be a most valorous stand for CCC to vote a similar resolution. It really depends on the courage of the several men and women that make up its executive committee. Rather, I would guess CCC would be compelled to vote such in the event other conferences followed suit first. Either way, as David said above, a wave of support seems to be building on the side of right.

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Michigan Conference takes substantial action in LSU conflict
@Gary – I am a laymember within the Pacific Union. I have been considering sending my tithe to one of the other conferences but was paralyzed by not knowing which one. Until the board of trustes does something truly substantial, I will immediately start sending my tithe to one of the other confernces. Michigan is at the top of my list. A sad day, and may the Lord help us all.

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I have to wonder, as I’m sure many of you reading this unfortunate saga do, and as a constituent in the Pacific Union Conference who knows at least one of the conference leaders sitting on the board, who the “disciplined” board members are, and where the conference worker/s I personally know stand on the issue.

Joe Cooper: History and Importance of LSU conflict over “Evolution”
Ken, it’s too bad about not being able to march. I agree it would not be a crowd pleaser, precisely the reason I think it would bring more attention to the problem. If done right, it would NOT be an exercise in futility. OTOH, if the protest can’t really be done ON CAMPUS, the effect would be minimal. Let’s get off our duffs and do something to aid the cause!

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Ken,I have found on display here some of the most repulsive attitudes I have ever encountered in Christianity, much less Adventism. I applaud your effort to encourage respect, and you have certainly stated your case respectfully, but I have become convinced that there is a very strong inverse relationship between perceived possession of “truth” and the respectful treatment of others. Anything and everything can be justified here.  

Consider that the actions of the Master Himself were likely repulsive to many when he not only openly denounced the money-changers (and the wealthy men behind them) but literally whipped them out. Then there’s his harsh diatribe against the “hypocrite” Pharisees. Entrenched error calls for what is undoubtedly strong and acerbic doings.


Dr. Geraty clarifies his “Challenge” to literal 6-day creationism
Once more history repeats.

It is possible that Shane Hilde and associates did not completely understand what they were doing when they started this website to meet the spiritualist teaching of evolution head on. The conversation is much wider than I, for one, anticipated; and many are revealing where they really stand. This revelation will continue as many make their voices heard or, out of moral cowardice, refuse to be counted on the side of (Seventh-day Adventist historical) right.

I thank Phil Mills for the very relevant quote shared above; it truly is a time for self-examination in every professedly believing heart, to see if we are truly in the faith “once delivered.”

I am thankful that comments on this forum are well-moderated and for the most part stick to the point. I want to share a quote that has really spoken to me in personal controversies past, it is one that I think supports us in working to correct known wrongs within our institutions, but also reminds us that the Master will not leave us to work all alone. May He protect us from the calamitous scourge of spiritualistic teachings, which no doubt have not yet reached the full accomplishment the devil designs they should have.

“Things will go wrong because of unconsecrated workers. You may shed tears over the result of this; but don’t worry. The blessed Master has all His work from end to end under His masterly supervision. All He asks is that the workers shall come to Him for their orders, and obey His directions. Everything–our churches, our missions, our Sabbath schools, our institutions–is carried upon His divine heart. Why worry? The intense longing to see the church a living and shining light as God designs it shall be, must be tempered with entire trust in God.” –R&H, Nov. 14, 1893. {ChS 243.1}

Readers respond to Adventist Review article
it’s surprising to me that a few folk are still expressing surprise and disbelief over what has been happening at this campus for decades. My little sister graduated there eight years ago and encountered this chilling reality–that LSU professors DO NOT believe the Bible–it was not news to me given that other youth from our congregation had, while attending there, come home for family camp in emotional pain and shell-shock over what they were being taugt there. Whether these men were planted by subversive organizations to do just this kind of work, Wisbey himself being one of them, or they are simply fools “professing to be wise,” either way, the managerial leaders in this church need to act decisively. One question, though: why don’t we see students organizing for protest against this the way we see in public U’s? Don’t such actions constitute “academic freedom?”