I am very disappointed with the end results of this …

Comment on LSU Board news release and actions by Tim Holbrook.

I am very disappointed with the end results of this board meeting. It seems like the political path was followed to try and minimize and calm both sides. Another study is not needed, in my opinion. And an outlined method of teaching creation and evolution is not needed. Since both sides are un-falsifiable, both sides require faith in areas that are not clear. When I was in college, I took all the courses I could in evolution and creation science, and I believe I was brought up to date in evolutionary thinking, as well as where creation science was in proving their theories. There are always going to be unexplained areas that we just have to “put on the shelf” until further light comes to us, or until we reach the kingdom. This in no way means that I didn’t recieve a solid scientific education in biology. On the contrary, when problems with both sides were brought up, I was taught I needed to fall back on the biblical premise and wait for further information to be revealed.
So whats so hard to teach in this way?