“I am deeply troubled by the ambiguous tone of this …

Comment on LSU Board news release and actions by GMF.

“I am deeply troubled by the ambiguous tone of this statement. No definitive assurance is offered to the church and constituents of this institution that faculty and administrators at La Sierra University stand unreservedly in support of a literal, six-day creation as taught in Scripture and the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy, and that no administrator or faculty member who denies the historicity of the Biblical creation account will be permitted to continue as a University employee. Anything short of this assurance is profoundly unacceptable.”

Pastor Paulson’s statement makes a lot of sense and gets to the heart of the problem. After all the time and effort spent by Shane and those of us who written letters, etc., we cannot allow this to be swept under the rug with statements that when analyzed really say so little. And I agree with Ariel Roth, whom I once knew in grad school and have his current book, about the fact that we do *not* need another study. That’s a way the University can stall and not take the required action right now maybe hoping we will all forget it.

This matter of diversity, as Carpenter depicts it, is not supportable as diversity of beliefs on matters of settled faith in the SDA church cannot be left to those would adulterate and destroy them. Hart of Loma Linda has an article in the Review promoting SDA Christian education. If schools are teaching doctrinal error and promoting such error thru certain teachers and professors why should parents sacrifice to send them to institutions where their faith will be compromised.

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