We live in a time where we cannot afford to …

Comment on LSU Board news release and actions by Glinda.

We live in a time where we cannot afford to sit on the fence about our beliefs. I personally have grown weary of “Adventist” that want to take over our churches and turn them into some worldly show place on Sabbath, where it is hard to find anything holly about the service. These same people are often educators in our institutions that use the class room for their own political forum and are seemingly ashamed of our beliefs.
My daughter went one year to an Adventist college and suffered through this very thing of which I speak, only to not return for another year. It seems when a professor gets a hold of an opposing idea, there is no room for another opinion. Nor would anyone want to open that can of worms in a classroom. It has swept across the nation at many of our schools and there is an agenda being met, because too many have no courage to speak against them.
I thank you Shane for your efforts and pray that you keep after it. This is a long way from being settled. They use Ellen White to cover the truth of their intention which is to keep evolution as well. Shame on them. Sister White is correct in saying we should teach our children to think for themselves; OK they get the evolution story from everywhere else in the media and the world!! Where will they get God’s doctrine? except in our schools? Have mercy!!!
How can they possibly think that is a good argument and believe me that was an attempt to argue.
I feel the tone is they are not serious in their Faith and hope with some flowery words eventually you will go away.
Well, that was all pretty blunt, but necessary.