While this is certainly a large step in the right …

Comment on LSU Board news release and actions by Penny Price Miller.

While this is certainly a large step in the right direction, I would prefer more specifics from the professors who have been teaching evolution.
Otherwise we risk having professors that say they believe in the SDA doctrines but do not in reality.
I personally know of 2 history professors at an SDA institution who say that they believe in our doctrines but at the same time will say that Ellen White was not inspired and plagiarized. We also have had pastors who baptized people who never heard of Ellen White, pastors who perform marriages for twice and thrice divorced individuals, and had a pastor who baptized people wearing jewelry. None of these individuals felt that they were in contradiction of SDA beliefs or the Bible.
In order to keep out that destructive influences, we need to be very specific with prospective teachers, pastors, etc. It is not enough to just ask if they believe in the SDA beliefs. Those in a position to hire these persons must be so clear and concise that candidates cannot rationalize away the truth.

To Our Brother Shane: Thank you for keeping us all informed, so that we could join with you in this crusade.