“While it seems that LSU has begrudgingly taken steps to …

Comment on LSU Board news release and actions by Mitch.

“While it seems that LSU has begrudgingly taken steps to appease the 6-day creationists which still form the bedrock of the SDA Church, it has not decided to actively limit the promotion of the modern evolutionary synthesis view of origins as the true story of origins within most of its science classrooms…

These teachers simply aren’t going to change their views. So, what does it matter if LSU has classes that do in fact promote the SDA perspective on a literal creation week if LSU also maintains teachers like Bradley, Greer, and many others with similar views who are telling their students exactly the opposite is true, in no uncertain terms, in the very next room?…”

What he said.

What a joke, more talk, talk, talk. As in maybe if we talk about it long enough they will tire and go away. Works in Washington, why not here?? It is now up to us…will we let them wear us down?

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@Cory Tophanes: Interesting you quote past science fallacies Cory, (oh and you forgot blood letting & leeches) brought to us by the same elite scientific community who is today peddling their latest theories. Will future generations get a chuckle at your expense just as we are today at your predecessors’ expense?

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Absolutely amazing. They are thumbing there nose at the GC. Lets see what they will do about it…

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“More Attacks”?? Playing a mans own words is an attack? Is he attacking himself? Shame on him.