Have I missed the point. Why isn’t anyone concerned about …

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Have I missed the point. Why isn’t anyone concerned about these three men suing God’s people. The Bible clearly states, and the SOP backs it up that we are to never sue our breathren. I was in law suit once, sued by a fellow Adventist. The Lord made him look like a fool in court, and I also won my case. If these men would just walk away, they would be blessed by getting a better job, especially if the school is in error. Heaven help us if we have to let the courts of the land to settle our disputes, and not trust the Lord to resolve these kinds of issues!

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Christians and the Sabbath
@Sean Pitman: Sean, Ken will never see what is right in front of him, until he takes off his blinders and opens himself up to the whole Bible. He sounds like a NT believer only! You have explained it so well and in such great detail that a child could understand it. How can anyone think that of the 10 commandments, only 9 are relevant to us today. Ken needs to read the back of the book (Revelation 22:14). It says “Blessed are those who DO His commandments” will be in heaven. I assume He is speaking of all 10, since there is no where in scripture that says Jesus did away with any of them! Thanks for such a wonderful article! You are spot on.

Christians and the Sabbath
@Bill Sorensen: Bill, You hit the nail on the head. People forget to realize that if the law of God could have been done away with, it did not need for Jesus to come and die for that law! God knowing the end from the beginning could have just put man on earth and told him that he could do anything he wanted and that there would be no penalty for sin. What nonsense!!! As a matter of fact, if there was no law from the foundation of the world, Satan would not have sinned in heaven! I marvel at how man thinks he is so smart. He tries to outsmart God. Very sad.

Christians and the Sabbath
@george: George, if God knew from the beginning of time that the “7th day” would get lost in the history of time, I don’t think He would have made it the center of His Decalogue! This is such a ridiculous excuse to not observe the Sabbath. (Saturday)