Are there not any teachers who can see the amazing …

Comment on General Biology Seminar 111A to be revised by Christopher Corniola.

Are there not any teachers who can see the amazing work of a Creator in the natural world and transmit this knowledge to students without embracing evolution?

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Defining Adventism: A poll
I understand the importance of academic freedom. Nobody wants to be dictated to or told what they can say. But, if someone chooses to teach at a Seventh-day Adventist school, it is their duty to uphold the beliefs of the organization that they, of their own free will, choose to work for.

I can imagine working in a school which was owned by people of a different faith (ex. Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic, etc.). I would not believe it my right to take their money for my salary while simultaneously erroding their faith among their students.

This is an issue of personal responsibility of the professors who should find work at an institution that has similar value to their own.