This IS a turning point in Adventist history. We have …

Comment on ANN: Wilson Calls Adventists to ‘Go Forward’ by Julian Gudmundsson.

This IS a turning point in Adventist history.

We have had many many years where old fashioned simple adventism has been ridiculed, misrepresented and looked upon with contempt.

Now God has placed a true adventist on the top position. What he preaches and represents will and is already having an impact in the same way as a general encourages the whole army by giving the trumpet a certain sound.

The preaching of viewpoints Ted Wilson expresses has been signally blocked and hindered in our part of the world. But lets follow the example of Ted by speaking the truth uncompromising and boldly. Full of love to and faith in this wonderful adventist movement.

The gates of hell will not prevail. Our church is under a serious siege and has been for years – FROM WITHIN! (As open resistance from without would just have forwarded our mission)

We expect the enemies of truth soon will show their true colors, leave our movement and join our persecutors. But in the meantime – lets preach and teach like never before to wake people up before its forever to late.

To Shane and his team: Thank you so much for this homepage and ministry. Its a real eye-opener and a school how to meet this kind of problems in a Christlike way. Keep on the good work! There are a lot of other issues that need to be met in the same candid way exposing the spin and showing what really is going on, holding our leaders accountable.

To my fellow soldiers in the army of Prince Immanuel.

Julian Gudmundsson, Denmark