@ Sean Hilde Despite how the information may be presented in …

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@ Sean Hilde

Despite how the information may be presented in other courses does not change the way in which this particular lecture. At this point the professor and PUC do not want to divulge the information on their other classes, so we’re left with the bad egg class.

Hm, you openly slandered an institution and its professor and ignored rebuttals from hundreds of students and alumni, posted a video out of context illegally, and questioned the faith of one of the most faithful men on campus – and you honestly wonder why the professor and PUC have decided not to “divulge” any information?

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PUC Professor: The Noachian Flood was just a local flood?
And Shane,

“To date, the class you lectured in has not been given a lecture that presents the evidence for a worldwide flood, recent life on earth, etc. I hope they plan to do so. I know LSU does not offer a course in the biology department that does this. Mostly because many of the professors do not think there is any such evidence. It appears you would agree with them. But why can’t student get access to biology professors who do think there is evidence?”

1. How do you know the class has not been lectured about evidence for a worldwide flood?
2. How do you know students cant gain access to biology professors who think there is evidence?

You are assuming, and as a PUC student, I know first hand – something you are lacking – that evidence for worldwide flood is presented to theology students and students have all the access in the world to speak to biology professors.

PUC Professor: The Noachian Flood was just a local flood?
@Shane Hilde

The video is incomplete because it skips the prelude and context given at the beginning of the lecture. Via PUC press release:

“At the start of the class, religion professor and Ministry Colloquium coordinator Myron Widmer provided the context for the upcoming discussion before Dr. Ness stepped up to the podium. But the posted video does not include this introduction; for unknown reasons, this important frame of reference was left out.”

Mr. Widmer told the class that the objective of Dr. Ness was to present information in the world of Biology that did not agree with SDA beliefs.
If you were present at the lecture like I was, you would know this is a non issue yet you persist to try to drum of criticism that is unwarranted.

PUC Professor: The Noachian Flood was just a local flood?
As Zachery Benton said PUC is a place where students come to learn not be indoctrinated. As result of this ideal style of teaching I have strengthened my faith more than ever before. Here at PUC students build their own faith which is much stronger than merely carrying on the faith of their parents. At PUC Dr. Ness as well as all the professors strive everyday to be excellent educators and Christians with the goal to send out every student with a mind of his own and a faith stronger than ever before.

As EGW writes, “It is the work of true education to develop this power, to train the youth to be thinkers, and not mere reflectors of other men’s thoughts. Instead of confining their study to that which men have said or written, let students be directed to the sources of truth, to the vast fields opened for research in nature and revelation. Let them contemplate the great facts of duty and destiny, and the mind will expand and strengthen.”

This is exactly what PUC has been doing and what it will continue to do.

Roy Calderon
Biology Major: PUC