If you would like a copy of those informational papers, …

Comment on An apology to PUC by Professor Justice.

If you would like a copy of those informational papers, I would be happy to give you a copy – shame on the rest of you professors or otherwise that would rather defend an unadvertised school, straying from the pack; it is our duty as Adventist to defend the faith, not the actions of a rouge school [edit]. Alexander Carpenter [edit] you of all people should know and recognize the value that educate truth is providing, to long have you stood on the fringe of the Adventist faith giving rise and supporting things like the dramatic play, “this Adventists life”, which, for a lack of better reason, effectively mocks the Adventist traditions – in the name of good fun. [edit]

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PUC Professor: The Noachian Flood was just a local flood?
The issue with PUC is not evolution but rather their lax perspective on Adventist lifestyle choices. Our campus is rampant with a large variety of forms of affection, from students whom ‘make out’ to individuals whom are under blankets on the glass areas through out the campus. Sabbath observance is loose to say, at best – students are often found studying, working, playing video games or other activities which not acceptable for Sabbath. Other examples are abound, PUC is perhaps as liberal as LSU and it is hurting our perspective on Adventism.