I am disturbed by much of what I read here. …

Comment on An apology to PUC by Anon MD.

I am disturbed by much of what I read here. According to Educate Truth’s new policies, professors can no longer teach faith; they can only teach what the “evidence” allows. Professors can no longer teach both sides and allow the student to form their own opinion; they must believe and teach that the weight of evidence supports their views. Professors can no longer teach their conscience; fear of being subjected to public humiliation will hereafter dictate what they teach. Surely Ellen White would roll over in her grave if she learned of the new fear-based pedagogical approach that is slowly taking over our institutions. Good work, Educate Truth!

How sad that some of you think you know the answer as to how long one’s faith can be challenged before it is either strengthened or fails. Mr. Hilde, Mr. Ryan, and others here insist that a student’s faith will crumble within the time frame of a mere 50 minutes. Why that number? How do you know that 5 minutes of “doubt” won’t destroy? How do you know that faith won’t survive 5 weeks of a challenge? Where are those much-touted data you require before one can form a simple opinion?

Some 25+ years ago, I took an outstanding course on Origins and Speciation at Walla Walla College. For each classroom session, the teacher had a student present the “evolutionist” perspective on a topic and another student presented the “creationist” perspective (and not necessarily in this order). For the most part, the teacher stayed mum during the class, only casually correcting the wrong information. None of us really knew what the professor thought, and all quarter long many of us were disturbed by how poorly the science supported our positions. On the last day of the course, the teacher stood up, summarized his views on both positions, and reassured us that he sided with the SDA church views. By this point, the challenge to my faith had led me to grow much closer to God, but the suspense in hearing what the professor believed made a MUCH GREATER IMPACT than would have been the case had he given us those obligatory reassurances all along that Educate Truth demands…or else.

Shane, Sean, and others here: you insult our young people when you treat them like fragile glassware ready to crumble with the slightest bump. Education and faith formation are NOT 50 minute excercises. Leave the education to the educators. Please stop preying on them and pray for them instead.

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PUC Professor: The Noachian Flood was just a local flood?
ke6gwf wrote:

The best thing for the Church of Christ would be if this website and all this debate disappeared. This website is the exact opposite of how Jesus showed us how to behave ourselves, and is a stain on His church.

I couldn’t agree more. But sadly, the website perpetrators seriously believe they are called by God to straighten out the Church and that this is the only way to intimidate the Church leadership and university faculty to adhere to their rigid rules. This will be my last post for a while.

I believe in a young earth, a recent 6-day creation, and one really big flood, but only arrogant fools seriously believe there is overwhelming scientific evidence to support many of these views. The utter lack of absence for a flood that covered 100% of the earth illustrates this well. I have pointed this out repeatedly, and not even Sean Pitman or Bob Ryan could counter my earlier posts and present physical evidence, and this for one simple reason: the evidence does not exist. Rather than offer that evidence, they continue with bizarre rants about hoaxes, static genomes, and why employees on the Church’s dime cannot be tolerated if they do not insist that the weight of evidence supports their view.

PUC Professor: The Noachian Flood was just a local flood?
Thank you, Sean, for continuing to make clear your true position. Early on, I did not see this, and clearly you are not retreating from it. You sincerely believe that any SDA employee who does not believe or teach that the weight of scientific evidence supports SDA views on science must either resign or be fired.

Your position is extreme. In all frankness, I don’t think you will find much sympathy among educators, clergy, or even the general membership of this church as you continue to expose and persecute those who disagree with your position.