It is indeed a nice gesture that educate truth can …

Comment on An apology to PUC by Richard Hawkins.

It is indeed a nice gesture that educate truth can apology to a school after an incredibly embarrassing ordeal. However, the apology should close the matter, not suggest giving syllabi. However it seems that educate truth would still like to suggest how a campus manages it’s affairs.

“We would like to give you the opportunity to provide Educate Truth with course outlines/syllabi which you would normally give to students, which generally include required reading and required papers. We request permission to publicize these at Educate Truth. If you have a sampling of lectures in video format, so much the better. We would appreciate receiving them as well.”-

Doesn’t it seem odd, and rather rude/distasteful that after educate truth can be accounted for attempting to ruin a man’s reputation as an adventist teacher, that they request PUC to show syllabi of classes? Educate truth has no business in the slightest to be involved in such matters. It does seem odd to me as well that the founders of educate truth can’t even post their own names on an apology, when the reality is, that the entire matter flustered an entire student body and staff. Perhaps the founders of educate truth did apologize in private to Dr. Ness, but what does it say about one’s intentions when blaming someone can be so public, yet apology must remain private?

Here is what PUC would appreciate, if this matter is closed, and never happens again, yet with educate truth’s unstable and rather destructive history, this seems only somewhat plausible. Pacific Union College is a diverse college both in students and teachers, yet are we subject to believe that we must be attacked when our ideals do not coincide with others? Educate truth misunderstood context and took the opportunity to exploit a professor.

What I have learned from all of this, is that while some may say they are Adventist, their actions can easily say are not Adventist like in nature, there was nothing close to a Christ-like manner in educate truth’s recent actions.

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As a PUC student, I’m really ashamed that someone on a campus I have grown to love would seek out the opportunity to try and destroy a man’s image online. Bryan Ness while not being a teacher that I know as well as some is a great man, a kind-hearted individual and one who strongly believes in God and the Adventist church. Bryan Ness will be supported by too many for this to be something that lasts, but it is just a shame to see that their are people on this campus who will greatly modify the story, and leave pieces out to make it seem differently. A PUC class is 50 mins, some times more than 40 mins of lecture, sometimes less, simply put, if the entire lecture had been recorded this issue would not be present. Being one who wants to be understand humanity and grow in my own college education and one day be a professional, and being in a community of many whom wish to do the same, could someone please explain what this does positively for anyone? Differences of opinion and different sides of the story should be presented, even at Adventist schools dare I say.

I just find it incredibly embarrassing that there are Adventists who would attempt to destroy a man’s reputation as a great teacher like this. Shame on you once again Educate Truth, educate what truth?, how about educating the truth that this video is NOT the complete lecture, and educate people of the truth that this post is of malicious intent.

@Shane Hilde, Stop saying that you know what is going on, you were not present at the lecture, you don’t know when the camera started, and when the lecture began or ended, only that 40 mins were recorded, there was more said, many students can say the same, end of story. Did you ever think maybe there was an explanation for the nature of the lecture before it began? Also, Shane, did you ever consider that maybe there have been discussions in support of a flood. Please stop making references to things that you do not know, you are leading a crusade based on assumption. Yet as much as you assume, you couldn’t assume that just maybe, he also at other times has talked about the other sides to the issue?, because this is not a black and white issue.

It deeply troubles me that your website before explaining anything says, ” La Sierra University promotes evolution” Please tell me how this is to be taken seriously, the Westboro Baptist church has a nice way of doing the same thing with some other statements, and the way I see it, why should I take you anymore seriously? I’m sure you have some answer for that too, but as you make yourself perfectly clear in your statements, you know all of what happens here.

You embarrass me as an Adventist, but I hope you realize, you embarrass yourself.