Just so this is perfectly clear in my mind, are …

Comment on An apology to PUC by Mary A. Jane.

Just so this is perfectly clear in my mind, are you, EducateTruth stating that we as Adventists should be ignorant as to the other theories that exist? That we should not learn to challenge our beliefs and understand why we believe what we believe? I suppose ignorance is bliss though. Sure seems to be the case here.

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An apology to PUC

@Mary A. Jane said:I’m not sure how you jumped to the conclusion that I was judging PUC based on one lecture. We’re not talking about judgment in regard to salvation. If the Coke employee is fired for promoting Pepsi (or insinuating doubt about the quality of Coke) on company time, should he not be judged according to company policy?Again, how was the lecture taken out of context? What about the absent context changed anything Ness said?  

I agree, you aren’t judging PUC in regards to Salvation. You are judging its ability as an Adventist institution. Coke and Pepsi aside, I would like to keep the argument to why you think that this out of context video on a single lecture in a series insinuates that PUC promotes evolution? Where did you get that idea? Did someone here tell you that is what PUC does? I am just unsure how you, without any idea of what is really going on thinks he has the right to decide the teaching motives of this school. My faith has only been led stronger by similar discussions in Ness’s courses where he seemingly argues for evolution, and then completely dispels these ideas. Its a pity that camera phone didn’t have more memory… Oh wait, since we are ALL about fact finding, what size memory card did the student use? I highly doubt he had an iPhone since AT&T does no provide service here. Most phones do not come equipped with a memory card to hold a video of 42 minutes. And the quality of that video seems pretty darn good. Shall we try again as to how this video was obtained?

An apology to PUC
@Karl G. Wilcox:

Hey Wilcox, take your homosexual issues ELSEWHERE. I am glad you left this school. How dare you as a Christian shun a student who is homosexual. Christ associated with ALL people, and you should too. Unless you would like to reignite the Nazi party. I am disgusted by your comment.

An apology to PUC
@Shane Hilde:

So you are going to judge an institution on a single lecture? I pray for you that you are not judged on a single event in your life, but rather your capability as a person. Although at present I certainly have my doubts. In addition, we are warned as Christians not to take scripture out of context, why would you do the same to a Christian academic course? We all make mistakes Shane, its ok. You and your cronies messed up. Its all right. And like I said, I pay a pretty penny to have access to course materials here, if you would like that, get out your check book. People these days, they are so cheap.