Transparency would be somewhat of a blessing if the actual …

Comment on Adventist Review examines LSU conflict by Carl R.Carnes.

Transparency would be somewhat of a blessing if the actual teaching transcript by the biology teachers would be made available for all to see
there is never a need…. for a cover-up… if things are on the level.

The confusion and problems come in when honesty is lacking. A biology teacher should have the right to teach whatever he believes,but not withhin a context of the bi-laws established by a particular set of beliefs(SDA creation,in this instance)Don’t join the girl scouts and teach boys only.

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Don’t judge me!
If I now decide that having sexual relations with every willing female that I can find,opposing my wife in her strong objections,as being intolerant and in fact anti-christian…who has the problem? My beliefs
now are at odds with the very core values of our marriage vows,it would be well
for me to move into a society where this is acceptable,not try to impose
this upon the marriage.or try to justify my beliefs. Really,if one loses common sense, we lose all sense.The above in very minor compared to placing the Creator God in a position of the absent landlord,…will the advocates of anti-intelligent design,be willing to say that their reasoning
as to intelligent design,be un-intelligent design?
carl carnes