Nothing definitive is stated in the article. Why would …

Comment on Adventist Review examines LSU conflict by Dr. G.L. Euler, 1974.

Nothing definitive is stated in the article. Why would that be? Apparently all of the professors have been in-line all along so what is the tempest about? Are we to believe that no professor actually said the earth was older than 6000 years? That no professor ever said macro evolution is true? No professor ever said Genesis creation of 7 days (creation of the Sabbath on day 7) was not literal 24 hour days just like we have today? Wow. Guess I just misunderstood. I must have been mis led and mis informed. Every thing was always okay and every thing now is okay. It was all just a misunderstanding. No correction needed as there never was any real problem. We are all saints and ready for translation. We are all going to heaven after all. We have all accomplished Dan 9:24. Just ask the Review editorial staff. Or did I miss something in the Review article?

Recent Comments by Dr. G.L. Euler, 1974

LSU graduate comments on LSU conflict
It seems Pastor Blake wants to preach present truth and go back to the denomination’s roots without upholding the teaching at LSU that Genesis 1 and 2 are truth. Or am I missing something? When I was a biology major at La Sierra campus of LLU in the early 70’s the science professors were very clear about the truth of Genesis 1 and 2 and I also learned to think on my own and search for present truth. SO why not go back to teaching the truth of Genesis 1 and 2 at LSU?

It is the preaching of present truth that brings on the shaking and eventually results in changing the denomination from a church militant to a church triumphant. I think we are already on this path and what has been going on at LSU is an example of this struggle. Our members are choosing sides. Whether they are tares or wheat is becoming more and more evident as the days go by. We all need to pray for and witness to each other including for and to the tares as well. We all need to examine our own motives to be sure we are not tares.

IF we remain tares for a little longer now it will be too late to change course. Our deadline is when the National SUnday law is passed in the US and that could be any day now. The seal of God is placed along with the mark of the beast based on our decision in response to the NSL. Every day now our decisions that we make nudge use in one direction or the other and form us into a person who will receive one of these eternal marks at the time the NSL test comes to us.

Do our colleges teach our young people to make the eternal decision we want or do they not is the question. Do our youth pastors teach our young people how to make the best eternal decision now? Is pastor Blake in the right profession? It is difficult to understand that he is based on what it appears he is saying above, because it appears he is saying it is appropriate for LSU to teach error as truth on at least one classroom every week so the students will be taught how to search for present truth. Does this idea really make logical sense to anyone? Sure does not make logical sense to me.

Dr. Geraty clarifies his “Challenge” to literal 6-day creationism
Professor Geraty says;
“Christ tells us they will know us by our love, not by our commitment to a seven literal historical, consecutive, contiguous 24-hour day week of creation 6,000 years ago which is NOT in Genesis no matter how much the fundamentalist wing of the church would like to see it there”.

Please clarify, Professor Geraty, which of your list above are you saying is/are NOT in Genesis. Could it be the only one is the “6,000 years ago?” Or are you saying none of the conditions on your list is “in Genesis?”

What about people in the “tea party movement” do you oppose? What do you actually know about these people?

Please clearly state your views. Are you saying you think the 7 day week that we have today is not in Genesis chapter 1? Are you saying you think the Seventh-day Sabbath is not in Genesis?

Because you are not clear above I am left to interpret your letter to mean you actually do support the teaching of macro evolution at LSU as a equal or superior theory to the denomination’s stated interpretation of the Biblical creation record including the words of Christ. To be clear as a completely subsidized, Michigan-born son of a life-long SDA worker, I solidly support the decision of the Michigan Conference to not subsidize LSU tuition for the children of their workers. LSU will not be receiving any financial support from me or my family until they clearly repair their error in this regard. I hope and pray that all alumni also cease any financial support until LSU is on the correct course.

I am disappointed in you.

The hinge of our faith

I just ran across this chain of response and counter response this evening. If I read your position correctly you are arguing that since Adventists need to teach truth in their schools because our purpose is to seek truth, we therefore need to teach macro evolution. If that is what you are saying then are you saying you actually believe macroevolution is a fact–a truth? IF so on what basis do you believe it is a fact? IF you (or anyone else) have already given proof in this forum or any other forum for macro evolution then you are correct we much teach it.

If you want to argue about a definition of macro evolution then I give you the simple definition I am using here. Macro evolution is the creation of one entirely different organism from a previous existing organism–for example an antelope giving rise to a giraffe through a series of helpful mutations resulting in a longer neck to reach the only remaining food source in tall trees. THis simple definition is as opposed to micro evolution defined as what occurs when a finch isolated to an emerging island where trees no longer exist, is born with a slightly fatter beak so is able to live by picking the seeds from the ground to eat and therefor reproduce while his thinner beaked cousin dies without the ability to eat seeds off the ground and therefore does not reproduce. This adaptation over a series of generations of finches results in new type of finch–proving that micro evolution does in fact exist as survival of the fittest through beneficial mutation and natural selection. Now what about macro evolution?

G. L. Euler

MBA employee discourages students from attending LSU
It is sad to see an important SDA institution fail and fall, but they brought it on themselves and our church needs to get back to the pillars of this faith. If a correct course is not chosen with or without accreditation lSU will cease to exist as a SDA university. that I and my son attended LSU, but if time continues long enough our grand children will only attend a SDA university that prepares them for eternity. Thanks be to the Lord and my parents that I attended SDA schools as a student full time for 26 years and taught college for 6. My wife attended for her last 10 years of schooling. Our first son attended for 17 and now is a missionary for the church in India teaching at one of our schools. Our second son attended so far for 18 years and plans to continue for at least 5 more if time lasts. All of us went through LSU and/or LLU. God will not let His last day church leave the narrow path upward, even though many former members will choose the broad road to perdition. We are starting the shaking time and all of our denominational leaders will be making clear their eternal positions for or against the creator God of the universe very soon now. LSU is at the cross roads. Freedom is to be found no where else but in the way, the truth and the life. True freedom must be taught in each of our schools otherwise there is no reason to exist. The spiritual king of the south mentioned in Dan 11:40 must be kicked out of the glorious land. Michael is about to stand up and our church is going to go through some very rough times from within and without, but light will dawn on a glorious new day. Those that stand for truth even though the heavens fall around them will still be standing through it all. Praise God. Our most effective enemies we know will be X7’s, but they will finally realize their mistake during the 6th plague when God announces the time of His return to His remnant and the X7’s only hear thunder. God is good to provide a clear road map to those who choose to follow it of how the great controversy will end.

By God’s grace–to be in that number…

Keep the faith and God will bless.