I think for too long we have had Darwin teachings …

Comment on Adventist Review examines LSU conflict by Angela Smart.

I think for too long we have had Darwin teachings creeping into Adventism, I for one have been told by pastors that seminars were held here in Australia testing the waters to see if the clergy were happy with teaching both creation and Darwinism to “give equal sides to the question” so our people could make an informed decision. The ministers that spoke with me said that they walked out but many stayed. What a sad situation when we cannot trust our pastors to tell us the truth. We all laughed when the Pope announced that he accepted Darwin and the evolution theory when we read it in the papers two years ago, I haven’t even smiled at the absurdity of it being considered in the Remnant Church!

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What is taught at LSU
@Susie: @Susie: Well said Susie! I couldn’t have put it better myself!! God Bless you my dear!

The reality of creation is the basis of our name
I can’t watch any nature program on my TV without evolution being promoted. Surely this is the time for our church and universities to be making a stand against the accepted doctrine of the so called experts that feed this misinformation to the world. I too watched our new president’s speech and wept. How far have we come from what we stand for? Ellen White wrote that the youth would finish this work, how can they when we don’t give them the truth to preach? God help us at this crisis time.

Don’t judge me!
I appreciated your comments, well presented and very clear. I have always thought that instead of judging our fellow believers we were rather to warn them with love. Isaiah 58, Ezekiel tell us that we are responsible for our brothers and sisters in Christ and our failure to show them their sins would result in their blood would being on our hands. Of course this is open sin. I personally would take Ellen Whites writings on this matter into deep consideration. I like the story of Wesley after someone in the congregation had been disfellowshipped, he sent the whole congregation after them with a mission to bring that soul back into the church. We are all responsible for one another and want them saved in the kingdom. All things should be done with love and tenderness as we belong to the King and have to answer to Him.

An appeal to our leadership
I have had at least two former atheistic professors who taught evolution in many universities say, that on close examination of the many expert authors that they were told to use, much of the material was very confusing.
Many of the books contradicted themselves and they found it confusing to teach the subject with any authority. I wonder how many more of the so-called experts have had this happen to them. Go to any library and take old and new books on the subject and you will find that opinions vary considerably. If there is no body of professors that can agree past and present, how can they say this is truth? The Bible is constant, oh, sure you can find contradictions there if you look hard enough but not on the scale that I have found in research of evolution.
It seems to me that Bible based or evolution based beliefs is a matter of Faith, but in my humble opinion it takes more faith to believe in evolution than the Bible. God help our SDA universities in these last days.

LSU Board news release and actions
I have been a SDA for some 50 years now and in all that time have never questioned the Spirit of Prophecy when she said that it was “six literal days that creation took place”! Isn’t this enough for any practicing SDA? Why is there a need for forums and discussion? Have we fallen so far from the pillars of our faith? It seems to me that these men are “ever learning but never coming to an understanding”. May God have mercy on their unbelief!