ANN has already pulled the article from their website. You …

Comment on The ANN Highlights LSU’s Dr. Lee Grismer – An Evolutionary Biologist by Shane Hilde.

ANN has already pulled the article from their website. You can view only as a cached webpage now. I have a copy saved.

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The ANN Highlights LSU’s Dr. Lee Grismer – An Evolutionary Biologist

Eddie: Doesn’t LSU’s administration deserve at least a little bit of credit?

I think so. There are some very dedicated individuals on the board.I have no doubt they’re doing everything they can to address this issue.

The ANN Highlights LSU’s Dr. Lee Grismer – An Evolutionary Biologist

Bill&#32Sorensen: just like you can not prove the SDA interpretation of 1844 by scientific evidence

Sean is aware you can’t prove anything, but I think we can all agree that God provides us plenty of evidence on which to rest our faith. Our interpretation of what happened in 1844 largely depends on the historical accuracy of the Bible. God has provided an abundance of evidence that the historical facts in the Bible are indeed accurate. Archeology and other ancient manuscripts attest to the veracity of the Bible’s claims about history. If there were absolutely no evidence of what happened in the past, we would be hard pressed to come up with 1844 as the start of the judgement. We might be able to come up with the fact that a judgement was going to start, but there would be no way of knowing when.

Bill&#32Sorensen: No one can “prove” that God created anything. Just as you can not prove nor explain how a miracle happened by “scientific evidence”.

I’ve already addressed this idea of proof. Neither Sean or I believe you can prove anything to be true. We don’t believe the miracles are true because we can recreate them, but because of other evidence. Obviously not all claims in the Bible can be verified through science, that should go without saying. The point is God gives us enough evidence on which to rest our faith to believe the testimony the biblical writers when they speak about miracles.

The ANN Highlights LSU’s Dr. Lee Grismer – An Evolutionary Biologist
@Professor Kent: I would agree with Faith’s statement, and I think Sean would to; however, what Sean is addressing is how do you bring someone to that point where they believe the Bible to be their ultimate standard.

For someone who does not believe in the Bible, telling them that they must simply test everything by the Bible begs the question of why they should trust it in the first place.

It is abundently clear from Scripture and Ellen White that God always gives us sufficient evidence on which to base our faith. In fact I believe he calls us to make our decisions based on the weight of evidence. Obviously the weight of evidence will be relative to each person, because each require varying amounts of evidence to be convinced.

Some need to see the evidence in nature, some are convinced merely through the evidence of experience. Ellen White says this is an evidence available to all.

We should know for ourselves what constitutes Christianity, what is truth, what is the faith that we have received, what are the Bible rules–the rules given us from the highest authority. There are many who believe, without a reason on which to base their faith, without sufficient evidence as to the truth of the matter. If an idea is presented that harmonizes with their own preconceived opinions, they are all ready to accept it. They do not reason from cause to effect. Their faith has no genuine foundation, and in the time of trial they will find that they have built upon the sand. Mind, Character, and Personality 536)

If we don’t have a reason for our faith in God’s word, we’re in danger of losing our faith because it has no firm foundation. Ultimately we should put our trust in God’s Word, but Sean is speaking from the standpoint that precedes that decision.

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Private Recorded Conversation Prompts La Sierra Resignations

Ron&#32Stone&#32M&#46D&#46: then he “accidentally” recorded the private meeting, right?

That’s exactly right. He must have not bothered to play it back. I think the meeting was a couple hours according to the LSU news release. But basically he didn’t know he had recorded him and the others and then posted it without checking his recording.

Blasphemy of a Different Kind
@Ron Stone M.D.: I agree. LSU has not been a shining light for our church. That’s unfortunate. That might be the case for other schools as well.

Former board member never talked with biology faculty
@Alexander Carpenter: I would readily agree since Educate Truth supports the biblical account of creation and disagrees with the handling of the topic in the biology department. This was a political move by Wisbey to gain power on the board. He now has three less who oppose him.

Former board member never talked with biology faculty
@David Read: Board members and even former board members are not allowed to discuss what has happened in board meetings. The only thing I confirmed with Tooma was whether she had conversed with the biology faculty and she made it very clear she never had. She was only presented with the joint statement and wanted to support it. This statement was seen as a big step for the biology department because Wisbey had been keeping them silent for over two years and they were now making constructive advances to dialogue with the church. I disagree with what they said, but I think it’s great their talking now. I suspect Wisbey isn’t happy with the biology department. It wouldn’t make any sense for him to only be upset with the board members since he allegedly embraces what they are doing. Doubtful though given his reaction and double standard.

Former board member never talked with biology faculty
@Holly Pham: These individuals were using real names, but were most likely not their own names. I personally don’t mind people posting comments anonymously, but I do mind if they’re being malicious about it.

These individuals like to take off the wall comments made by over zealous supporters and exaggerate them all the more, trying to control the general tone of the comments. It’s tactic people who are in the wrong use. If you can’t win the argument, try to make them look bad.