Shane Hilde: ANN has already pulled the article from their website. …

Comment on The ANN Highlights LSU’s Dr. Lee Grismer – An Evolutionary Biologist by Kevin.

Shane Hilde:
ANN has already pulled the article from their website. You can view only as a cached webpage now. I have a copy saved.

I just received the email about this article (on ET) and attempted to view the ANN article, and found that it’s completely gone.

Why would they do that? Is this a positive outcome, or a negative one?

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A “Christian Agnostic”?
Some might label me a conspiracy theorist. (Well, that phrase or label has come to have an automatic negative meaning associated with it. In reality, there are very real conspiracies, rooted in the intent to destroy our very souls.)

My conspiracy is based on historical evidence, however. I believe that many of those who are claiming to be SDA, “holding on” to their membership in the church, while actively promoting ideas which are directly in contradiction to the Bible and to our fundamental beliefs, do not actually believe themselves to be SDA.


Board of Trustees Addresses Curriculum Proposal
I’d like to learn about the hierarchy of leadership, from a functional point of view. If there’s somewhere I can read thorough answers to all of these questions, I’d appreciate a link.

Who/what are the members of the board of trustees?

What gives them their authority?

Who, if anyone, has direct authority over the board, and where is that authority from?

Who reports *to* the board of trustees?

How many layers of hierarchical authority are there between anyone or any group who could be called “church leaders” and the actual deans and professors?

What entity, at the highest level, “owns” the school? Meaning the physical property.

What entity, at the highest level, operates the school?

I would hope the last two answers are the General Conference, but it could technically be separate. If that is the case, the GC could still remove all financial involvement, reassign any conference employees elsewhere, and force the school to not call itself an SDA institution.

Back to Square One…
Ken. You suggest significant causation where there is merely a tiny correlation. The existence of voting does not indicate a democracy.

Corporations conduct votes in various circumstances, are they democracies? Certainly not.

I hope everyone reading your nearly-absurd reply are level headed enough to see the chasm of disparity between actual democracy and a private organization which allows delegated members and/or leaders to vote on certain items within the scope of the organization’s primary objectives.

Back to Square One…
Letter writing *may* be effective, but care must be taken that popular opinion does not become a driving force here.

Whether ten million people write letters for or against a point of contention, the volume should not sway policy or doctrine. Christianity is not a democracy.

If letters are written, they need to emphasize the Biblical view and the doctrines of our church, including the Spirit of Prophecy.


I would like to remind all who view evolution as scientific: If you claim to be a Seventh-Day Adventist, you are claiming not only to believe in creation, but also to believe that Sister White was a prophet of God. Those are the defined traits of being an SDA. Truth, definitions, facts, are not subject to personal opinion. You can’t be an SDA and not believe those things, by definition.

Here’s what Sister White has to say on the matter:

“It is the Word of God alone that gives to us an authentic account of the creation of our world. The theory that God did not create matter when He brought the world into existence is without foundation. In the formation of our world, God was not indebted to preexisting matter. On the contrary, all things, material or spiritual, stood up before the Lord Jehovah at His voice and were created for His own purpose. The heavens and all the host of them, the earth and all things therein, are not only the work of His hand; they came into existence by the breath of His mouth.”

“God Himself measured off the first week as a sample for successive weeks to the close of time. Like every other, it consisted of seven literal days.”

See also: Education, starting on page 128. The quote is too large for this reply, being a few pages long. You can find easily it online, search for “complete published writings ellen white”. Unfortunately the passage itself can’t be linked to.

It’s clearly impossible to believe evolution and be a Seventh-Day Adventist. One cannot simply choose to be called something which by definition one is not. That’s known as lying.

The Physiology of It – Faith vs. Evidence