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Comment on PUC Professor: The Noachian Flood was just a local flood? by Bryan Ness.

@Bryan Ness: You’ve been the only biology professor, that I know of, that has taken the time to comment here that doesn’t appear to adhere to the traditional Adventist interpretation of Genesis. I really appreciate it too. LSU was effectively shut down by the powers at be, which made any sort of dialogue impossible. Trust me I tried to contact a number of them personally at the beginning.

I have said as much as I have the time or need to say on defense of myself. In spite of my own acknowledgement that I support the church’s stand on origins as outlined in fundamental belief #6 (of course, not said in so many words) and the repeated testimony of those who know me, you persist in statments such as that above. In light of such a judgemental spirit I must respectfully withdraw from further communications concerning this issue.

In spite of the fact that the video you present on your web site was obtained in a highly unethical manner, and is certainly an illegal bootleg of the lecture I presented, I hold no malice. Rather I feel sorry for people who think that because they are so sincere and the issue is so pressing and the costs are so high, that they feel justified in using unethical and illegal methods to carry forth their campaign. I feel violated, and in spite of my graciousness in this matter continue to be judged for what I may or may not believe.

In essence what this seems to boil down to is that you do not like my pedagogical approach, at least as taken in this 40 minute video. I can respect that. I am by no means a perfect teacher, but I still prayerfully carry on as best I know how. If others can do better, I would gladly step aside and let them do it. I only continue to lecture on origins out of a sense of duty to my church, my God and my students. Otherwise I would see no need to continue. I have no interest in indoctrinating students into either methodological materialism or Seventh-Day Adventism. I hope that they remain faithful, vibrant, trusting Christians and I hope they will continue to believe in and support the church I belong to and serve.

I guess I am just tired of having you and a few others here at Educate Truth continue to judge my motives, personal beliefs, and my realtionship with God. I have always been a believer of the concept that actions speak louder than words. Of course, it would be difficult for you to judge me on my actions unless you spent some time in my classroom, my church or my home. By the same token, it would be unfair for me to judge your motives, personal beliefs or relationship with God.

With that, I bid adieu. Know that you and your web site will be in my prayers. May God use you in some way to be a blessing to others. Please know that because I do not plan to respond any longer that I am not being rude if a message is directed at me and I do not respond.

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PUC Professor: The Noachian Flood was just a local flood?

I wonder how many teachers or teachers-in-training take seriously the warning by the Apostle James: “Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly” James 3.1|KJV

@Inge. I have lost sleep many the night over this very verse. I’m glad you bring it up. I take the risk this verse warns of because I want to help my students navigate this very difficult topic before they have to do so alone when they are confronted with it in a purely secular realm. I am sorry if my meagre attempts during a single 40 minute discussion do not seem to indicate my concern in this area.

It should also be mentioned that I have presented very similar talks at some of our local churches, some of them quite conservative, and was thanked profusely for my willingness to share with them so openly and clearly. I am sorry if none of this comes through in the video, but I welcome anyone to sit in on one of my classes where I teach about creation/evolution issues. Unfortunately, in order to get the full picture of what I present you would really need to attend 4-6 lectures, which is the typical time set aside to deal with these topics. Also, although I don’t have time to visit a lot of churches (because I am responsible for teaching one of the Sabbath School classes at the PUC church), I am happy to speak when I am available.

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PUC Professor: The Noachian Flood was just a local flood?
Just to be clear on a few points. I have no problem at all presenting the kind of information presented in that discussion to any group of church members, and have done much the same kind of thing on many occasions. The audience in the case of this presentation was a group of religion and theology majors. I was invited to simply share with them the current issues around origins facing the church today, which I did. I do modify the content somewhat in different venues, and most of the time, because I am not taking such a broad sweep at the whole area of origins, do not delve into some of the individual topics. The point is that I have no problem with others seeing the video, I have nothing to hide, it’s just that some discussions are more appropriate for one group than another. I also consider it unethical to post such a video without my permission.

PUC Professor: The Noachian Flood was just a local flood?

I wish it were all as simple as you present. I do not have my package of beliefs neatly packaged . . . O that I could. As for my beliefs on the Noachian flood: 1) What I personally believe is really none of your business or the business of church leaders, 2) I gave no indication in my “lecture” as to what my personal beliefs on the subject are, and 3) for someone to openly “slander” me (which you come close to doing) is hardly Christian, Christ-like or even decent.

Just to set the record straight on the flood issue. I view truth as progressive, as does EGW, last time I checked. Although I may favor a wordld-wide flood model, I must recognize that past interpretations of the Bible are not the last word. As it stands now I have an open mind on the subject (and I would hope you and others could respect me for that). I would love to find more credible evidence to support the traditional view on the flood, unfortunately, at the moment, such evidence is difficult to find. I do not advocate putting human reason above God’s Word, but neither am I willing to simply assume that all past Biblical interpretations are correct beyond all revision. Surely such a way of looking at the Bible is valid, or are you saying that on certain beliefs our dogma is sealed and any suggestion of alternatives is heresy?