Thank you Dr. Kime for your well worded analysis! …

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Thank you Dr. Kime for your well worded analysis! I hope this website will continue to stick to the topic of La Sierra and what is going on there. By the way, what IS going on? Anything? Same old things? Does anyone know?

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The Physiology of It – Faith vs. Evidence

A Servant: I’m shocked by Kent’s appeal to statistics as evidence of veracity. This case should be decided on its merits, not by the numbers of those of check yes or no.

Speaking of statistics, has La Sierra done another survey to see if its students have changed as far as their perception of how “evolution as fact” is taught?

Also, does anyone have accurate statistics on how many non-SDA’s attend La Sierra. I’ve heard it’s over 30%. When it gets to over 50%, will they have to reformulate the questions, since the majority probably won’t care about whether or how this subject is taught?

The Physiology of It – Faith vs. Evidence

Bcondon77: confrontatonal ? its about time when truth is being assualted by people from witin the church education structure. When you compare it ti say the fundemental issue in the Mormon church wuth polagamy. If this is what it takes for the church to come to terms with fundemental doctornial issues. Bring it on..

I agree completely. Why are not more of our leaders not confronting those who would destroy our SDA Church and its biblically-based principles?

From what I’ve heard directly from some of them–they are afraid to speak up.

The Physiology of It – Faith vs. Evidence

Professor Kent: I’m shocked by all the thumbs-ups for David Read’s post (currently 10:1) and thumbs-downs for Sean Pitman’s response to David Read (currently 2:7).

Prof. Kent, Why are you shocked. You have the same types of rating from virtually all your posts. Does that also shock you?

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Thanks Sean for telling us the “rest of the story!” Very interesting!

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What exactly does “more inclusive” mean? The Northern California Conference uses this term in their literature, without explaining what it really means.

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@David Read, Can ET or Advindicate get an interview with somebody who actually knows, first hand, what went on with this AAA accreditation? What “deals” were made and by whom, why, and with what “strings” attached?

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@Sean Pitman, I agree with the lack of transparency at LLU and virtually anywhere in our SDA system. The hiding behind closed doors is rampant, not only at LLU, but on the Conference level, Union, and even the GC. Try to ask anybody a really specific question. All you get is either nothing or another set of vague responses. Try it some time, and you will see what I mean.

LSU Removes Dr. Lee Grismer as Chairman of the Biology Department
Any insiders know WHY this happened? Was it part of a “deal” with AAA for accreditation?