I am a secondary science teacher of earth science, biology, …

Comment on Silence of the Geoscience Research Institute by Ed Goodman.

I am a secondary science teacher of earth science, biology, chemistry and physics. I have been examining the evidence for Creation for almost 30 years. To me the evidence overwhelmingly supports the Biblical account of Creation. I am in good company. Sir Isaac Newton believed the universe and all life were created and did not happen by chance. Dean Kenyon co-author of the seminal work on evolutionism entitled “Biochemical Predestination”, upon critically examining his former position in support of evolution, and the evidence in support of Intelligent Design, now states: “It is absolutely impossible for complex informational systems and life to arise spontaneously from disorder” (I paraphrased his statement from my recollection!)

Believers take heart, we are in good company!

Ed Goodman,
Science teacher

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As a teacher of secondary earth science, biology, chemistry and physics for 30 years, I would like to affirm that the laws of science sre far more supportive of Creation/Intelligent design, than the religion of evolutionism.

Ed Goodman