Colin Maunder: What are our leaders doing? Well here in the …

Comment on David Asscherick letter to the General Conference by Holly Pham.

Colin Maunder: What are our leaders doing? Well here in the South Pacific division our Samoan fellow SDAs are being told to keep the same day as the sunday keepers, not the day before them. In Tonga SDAs have done this for years. These “leaders” have lost the plot.

Being told by who? The Conference President? The pastors? Please give us the names of these heretics and apostates, so we may have the complete story.

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David Asscherick letter to the General Conference

BobRyan: To be fair – AHS is not under the direct control of denominational mandate even though they have someone from the church sitting on their board. There are some practices going on under that separate group that would not be condoned by many conservative administrators in the church.Recall that when Ellen White had a problem with the Battle Creek Sanitarium should not simply press a button or throw a switch and make the problem go Christ,Bob

Bob, I agree there is not “direct” control by the Church. However, there IS a close relationship with it. A recent example is in the Feb 2012 Pacific Union Recorder on page 31, about how Adventist Health sponsored teams at the California International Marathon.

AHS is featured in many articles in numerous SDA Church papers. So, our SDA Church has some responsibility to assure that AHS represents our SDA values, since we are “advertising” them as part of our SDA “family!”

David Asscherick letter to the General Conference

Jereamy: I have presently discovered a horrific fact, that is, the Adventist Hospital system is conducting elective abortions. Also, it is the official statement of the church that (which can be found on their website) that they do not condemn abortion in the cases of rape, incest, genetic defect, or threat to a woman’s life. When did the 10 commandments become situational? Its ok to murder when the the situation does not fit our needs? Please, if I am wrong let me know.

I agree with you. Our SDA Church has become one of continual compromises with the secular world. La Sierra is not the only place this is happening!

David Asscherick letter to the General Conference

BobRyan: As it turns out – David is one of the SDAs that NAD president Dan Jackson said he wished to see sternly disciplined specifically for daring to take the stand he took in this letter above. I wonder how that’s Christ,Bob

Yes, the word is Jackson wanted to “spank” Pastor Assherick. Would Jackson please step forward to attempt this? I don’t think he could move fast enough to even get close to Pastor Dave!

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