Pastor David, between you and me, if i were God, …

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Pastor David, between you and me, if i were God, you would be my favorite…and i will put you in place of these 4 professors combined. You are a great leader. Why? Common sense. What do you call “intellectuals” who choose to resign and later on sue? If its true that they want money in exchange for their resignation by using the court, then, we should not worry about it…Our Heavenly Father knows best. and of course…Romans 8:28 …Your letter is already answered..and we are getting stronger than ever…Praise God.

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Church says La Sierra Employees Lawsuit is Without Merit
Dont worry Brian. They are busy insisting that evolution is true, the earth is too young, etc. What is good about a young or old earth if there’s so much evil going on like this. I cannot wait for Jesus to say enough is enough and gather His faithful believers to that timeless earth where there will never be evil whatsoever forever. Anyone who refuses to believe, too bad.. that’s his choice. [edit]

WASC Reviews LSU’s Accreditation
I understand the case as resignations of 4 professors of LSU who were made to choose to resign or have the recorded conversation be brought to the board,etc. How can ALL these 4 mature, adult “intellectuals ” simply give up their positions if its nothing more than a recorded conversation. Is the situation too ugly to resist? The case was posted as not because of evolution issue. Actually,Im not worried if WASC would inspect or these professors will go to court as they say so. Although we, in the Seventh-day Adventist Church are challenged by these trials( universities infested with infiltrators is no joke), we fervently pray for our leaders and our church. OUR HEAVENLY FATHER KNOWS BEST!.. Remember Romans 8:28?