This is not the Warren Johns I know! Apostasy has …

Comment on Accreditation: Letter to LSU Provost by lance hodges.

This is not the Warren Johns I know!
Apostasy has ocurred throughout history. Seven days for creation plus short time for life on earth are Seventh-day Adventist fundamentals, if there are any such. Those who wish to differ should leave church employ and church membership plain and simple. I don’t like to see anyone leave the church for sure, and I have no animosity to those who differ with me. But the bottom line is apostasy of belief is rampant and those who believe not the obvious SDA truths should leave for the benefit of all including themselves. We will not damn you to hell because that is not our prerogative and certainly not our desire for any person.

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Southern Adventist University opens Origins Exhibit
Sounds great. I wish I was close enough to see it when it’s done. Congrats to all who have put time and effort into it.

The Metamorphosis of La Sierra University: an eye-witness account
I was a graduate student in biology at LLU in the 70’s. All of the faculty and students there at that time were 7- day creationists. I am sure of this. I didn’t know all the biology faculty at LSU at that time, but I never heard any other kind of beliefs from any I knew there either.

Ravi Zacharias: Should Church Members be Held to a Higher Standard?
Yes, firings can be justified, but probably with difficulty. What one says in the hearing of several people may be enough, but what words were used and tne context used. What is said to one person in private is probably not good enough for a firing. Firings must be done humanely as well. Income financial support should be given for months until the person gets other employment. I believe this to be a Christian duty – a spirit of love to all – period.

Defining Adventism: A poll
how many? I have certainly not read them all. I would probably agree with the majority without further thought. But I would have to study up on some to make a personal decision. I probably won’t read all of them any time soon, unless there is a controversy about one or more. So I can’t decide for someone else good or bad on some at least.

GYC Q&A addresses universities who hire and protect evolutionists
I think we need people on the same page as those who are teaching at our schools to talk to these people. We can all exchange pleasantries with anyone, but we need to be on a similar educational plane to talk with others about certain issues. With a diverse academically trained membership this is increasingly difficult, but all of us need to be involved with other members at whatever level we find ourselves.