In my humble opinoin I believe this website is doing …

Comment on UNST/UHNR 404B Syllabus (LSU) by Geoffrey Barnes.

In my humble opinoin I believe this website is doing more harm than good. Some of you obviously don’t know individuals who you are very quick to pass judgement upon. Bob Ryan, you should be ashamed of yourself for dismissing all of those scientists are “SDA devotees of all-evolution all-the-time bible-is-less-than-trustworthy adherants”. Some of them are, but definitely not all. And Mr. Pitman, it’s obvious that you never took a course from Dr. Buchheim, who was one of my favroite teachers and a devout believer in a recent creation. I hope and pray that the theistic evolutionists will resign from our colleges and universities, but I don’t think that harsh, judgemental nature of mamy comments here reflect the character of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who will be the ultimate judge of your misbehaviors. Merry Christmas and happy new year to all.

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Letter to Press Enterprise Editor
Oh my why must we be attacking the integrity of individual SDAs? I come to this site to learn more about what is being taught at LSU and instead I see a pastor being assasinated.. maybe that is why so many SDAs are going to celebration churches these days. The judgmental attitude of so many of you are driving them away from our church! If you want to make the church a better placd you should be praying and helping to build up the faith of others, not seeking out the sins of others and broadcasting it to the whole wide world!