That’s because it was part of the Sabbath School lesson …

Comment on Save the professors or the students? by Craigo.

That’s because it was part of the Sabbath School lesson about patience. I listened to the whole podcast, and it fit in pretty naturally with the rest of the lesson. Going into detail wasn’t necessary in that venue.

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A “Christian Agnostic”?
I agree, it’s hard for me to see why any Adventist would give him a platform to convey his disbelief.

Hope? Slim to none
It is true that we have a Creator and that by His grace we have been redeemed. His means of creation may not matter, at least not at this moment. However, according to Bible prophecy there will come a day when when all must decide whether to believe God’s word or to believe their eyes, their reason and their senses. We already know that Satan will personate Jesus, and only those who stick to God’s word exactly as it reads will be able to tell the counterfeit. The fact that the Three Angels’ Messages includes a specific reference to creation suggests that this too will be a testing truth at the end of time. Will we believe God’s word exactly as it reads, or will we believe what science and our senses tell us? May we all choose rightly, for it is certainly a matter of eternal life or death.

Are LSU professors breaking the 8th commandment?
I pretty much agree with this thrust. It’s hard for me to appreciate how someone can harbor the kind of doubt that would lead them to believe in evolution while still remaining an Adventist.

At the same time, we need to approach this whole issue with meekness of spirit. The Bible says that “a bruised reed He would not crush, nor would he snuff out the smoldering flax” to say that Jesus would not charge into the church and bulldoze the doubters away. He indicated that the wheat and the tares would exist in the church to the end of time. If that’s the case then we must be careful that we not expel those who are honest in heart, whom the Holy Spirit is still able to reach.