My comments are short and sweet. Genesis states that God …

Comment on Panda’s Thumb: ‘SDAs are split over evolution’ by Bob Frost.

My comments are short and sweet. Genesis states that God created the heavens and the earth; not made it through
evolution. An evening and a morning were the first day and thereon. In the genetic codes and chains, God has put not only the formulas but the instructions of how things are to work. That doesn’t make it evolutionary. He has created all of the processes of astronomy, physics, and mathematics and has placed these laws in process. Evolution is a poor coverup for the processes that God has put in place. Think about this if you can. Why is it that monkeys evolutionized to being humans over millions of years and yet I can go to a zoo and still see them as God created them to be: monkeys and only monkeys. Christ did not give his life on the cross to save a monkey who cannot make rational decisions. Think about this one unless you mind is too intelligent in the sciences ; how does God raise up His people from the graves in the twinkling of an eye [instantaneously] to take them to heaven? Do you honestly believe in such stupidity that God would have to sit up there on the clouds of heaven waiting a few million years to complete the process? How stupid and idiotic can we become when we think that our high ranking education with an IQ of 160, if we are lucky ,can outdo our Creator whose IQ is absolutely eternally unlimited. Higher elevated thinking started in the garden of eden with a lie of the imaginations. You can become as gods knowing both good and evil. The power of the possibilities. Give me a

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New Adventist president envisions a church marked by prayer, revival
@Al Parks:

Thanks be to our God for the election of Elder Wilson who is a giant to stand for the right though the heavens
may fall. God has selected him to lead the church in its final phases and in confirming our beliefs in the message
of righteousness by faith, and the pillars of our church with the support and guidance of the spirit of prophesy. To attack our church and its leaders is to attack God himself and His eternal wisdom.

CCC apprises leadership of LSU news
I stand proud that we still have leaders in our church who are taking the reins for the truths and pillars
that God has given to our church. It will hit the iceberg, but the ship will go safely on. Thank you for
standing up for the truths of scripture. We may need some new leadership in LSU if the current ones cannot
make happen what needs to happen.