NAD President, Education Director Dialog with La Sierra Campus Community

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NAD President, Education Director Dialog with La Sierra Campus Community
By Larry Becker
Executive Director, University Relations

-Dan Jackson

Dan Jackson, president of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, and Larry Blackmer, division vice president for education, conducted a 90-minute town hall meeting followed by two hours of additional conversation with the La Sierra University faculty and staff on April 20. The two division leaders visited the campus to share their perspectives on a wide range of issues related to the lengthy biology controversy and the recent Adventist Accrediting Association board decision. Their visit also gave them an opportunity to hear the thoughts and concerns of campus faculty, staff, and administration.

Elder Jackson used his brief opening remarks to express his personal regret for what has been at times an excessively hostile tone of media and online comments directed at the university, a theme he returned to several times during the campus conversation. He also reminded the campus community of the importance of continuing to clearly affirm support for church doctrines throughout the curriculum.

During the lengthy dialogue session, many faculty members prefaced their remarks by expressing appreciation to both leaders for their presence on campus. The spirit of the discussion was respectful and heartfelt.

“I’m grateful for the willingness of both Elder Jackson and Elder Blackmer to dialogue candidly with our faculty and staff,” said University President Randal Wisbey. “I believe it was helpful for La Sierra University’s people to experience the pastoral care and concern expressed by both of these church leaders.”

PR Contact: Larry Becker
Executive Director of University Relations
La Sierra University
Riverside, California
951.785.2460 (voice)

UPDATE 6/13/11: An LSU faculty or staff recorded the meeting with a cell phone. The audio clips were posted on Wikisend recently. A commenter at Spectrum posted a link to these clips; however, the files are no longer available at the link posted. The town hall meeting was closed to the public and only faculty and staff were invited.

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106 thoughts on “NAD President, Education Director Dialog with La Sierra Campus Community

  1. Shane&#032Hilde:
    This is the first time, that I know of, that an LSU person has leaked something. At this point I can only assume this person or persons thought it would potentially beneficial to LSU’s to leak these recordings.

    If anything has changed at LSU, it’s the biology department ducking for cover and waiting for things to blow over, as Bradley so nicely put it. I’d be surprised if the way the curriculum is being taught has changed.

    If LSU faculty see some wiggle room out of this, they’ll take it. You don’t have a track record of hiding what has been taught and then all of a sudden have an ah-ha moment and completely change status quo. The only reason we’re seeing anything happening at LSU is because what they have been doing has seen the light of day.

    I believe you’re right, Shane. I don’t see anything actually being done–just more talk and avoidance of any action!


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  2. Professor&#032Kent:
    Obviously, the issue is being addressed. You folks whine and complain and gossip every time something appears to be getting done by the Church’s leadership–leadership which you folks disrespect. The gossip and allegations and innuendos are as endless as Bob repeating Bob.
    According to you, Prof, everything is A-OK and hunky-dorry at LSU. Looks like Jackson came to “congratulate” LSU for having such a great solution to this?!

    Is that what he spoke about?


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