Why be so vocal? Sometimes it may not be …

Comment on LSU not different than secular universities according to LSU student by Roger Seheult.

Why be so vocal? Sometimes it may not be worth it – but each time I think this way I am reminded of a little old lady that once advised:

“The greatest want of the world is the want of men,–men who will not be bought or sold; men who in their inmost souls are true and honest; men who do not fear to call sin by its right name; men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole; men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall.” Education, p. 57.

I want to be one of those men.

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LSU not different than secular universities according to LSU student
@David Kendall, BMus, MA:

La Sierra is worse than UCR. I am a Seventh-day Adventist, a graduate of Loma Linda University and also a graduate of UCR.

At UCR, I was free to express my religious beliefs. This was accepted on the basis of freedom of thought and diversity. Even fundamentalist beliefs in the SDA context would be treated fairly in the context of diversity. At La Sierra, it is derided as censorship and wanting to take our chruch to the 1950s.

At UCR we were served evolution at every meal in the biology department – it was the known religion of study. I understood this – I never trusted my professors to be anything other than teachers of their science and apologists of evolution. I never expected them to be expositors of my faith. At La Sierra, science professors ARE expected to be expositors of faith and science both. They are decitful if they proport to belive in God and cash their check from the Seventh-Day Adventist University that they work for and then teach their students the ideas of men that directly oppse these teachings and debase the very foundation of our faith – the Seventh-Day Sabbath as a memorial of Jesus Christ’s work.

At UCR I received a world-class education from professors who had published in Evolutionary Journals. At La Sierra, the biology professors can’t even correctly identify the assumptions that make up Hardy-Weinberg populations. I.e. in the syllabus, one professor incorrectly states that if your population doesn’t look like a Hardy Weinberg population – there must be evolution occuring!!!! (?) And why were all the La Sierra kids coming over to UCR in the summer to take our O CHEM classes???

At UCR, I left with a double major in Biology and Chemistry Magna Cum Laude and entered medical school at Loma Linda University without a single cent of debt and a clear head about what was truth and what was evolution. Apparently, this might not be the case for some La Sierra graduates.

At the end of the day our decision as parents will be this: Why should I send my children to an SDA institution that is 5-10x more expensive to be taught evolution as truth when I can send my children to much cheaper schools, in most cases get a better science education and be able to tell my children that evolution is being taught to them because the public universities aren’t Christian nor beleive in the second coming of Christ or the Sabbath? It is going to be much harder to explain to my children why evolution is being taught as truth to them from an Adventist institution. I am not willing to pay for that problem. I am not alone.

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@Ervin Taylor:

I literally have not logged on to this website in years. It looks like the same arguments are going back and forth which means that if you haven’t been able to solve them by now, you aren’t going to convence each other of your points. What is really amazing to me and anyone intersted in the topic, however, is the tone of the comments, which usually reveal the maturity of the writer especially if they include absolutes:

“vast majority of scientifically-informed Adventists will thank Dr.Kent ”

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These are usually tip-offs to a lot. Also, it makes me wonder that if Sean Pitman is so ill-informed, and he operates on such a mis-leading web site, why does the good Dr. Taylor waste his time coming to this website, reading the material and then commenting on it? In fact I can bet that Dr. Taylor has spent more time on this web site then I have in the last year – and that speaks volumes about what Dr. Taylor really thinks of this website – perhaps the good Dr. Kent as well.

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Again, the question is begged: Why would they work so hard to change the university rather than just leave and go where universities already believe the way you do? Dare I say that there lies a larger conspiracy that transcends LSU and that may be going on at your local SDA instituation? Again, why the push over a generation to change a whole university and to denude it of its fundamentals?

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Most of the blogs that are critical of this site aren’t interested in what this site is really out to do. They simply want to demonize it ergo Alinsky’s rule of indetify, demonize, and marginalize. Hence their cherry picking from the comments for their own purposes.

Thanks for the recap though.