According to Professor Kent: “Perhaps Sean imbibes on occasion, but …

Comment on La Sierra University Resignation Saga: Stranger-than-Fiction by Martha Kay.

According to Professor Kent: “Perhaps Sean imbibes on occasion, but the last sip of alcohol I had was more than a decade ago while on a SCUBA expedition with a student. (Somewhat ironically, I was actually a contract employee that summer with the SDA Church–the last such contract in my career–and my student was also an SDA). Perhaps Sean, leading by example, could declare his complete abstinence from alcohol, and how long it’s been since his last drink.

I am surprised that no one has called out Prof Kent on what clearly illustrates his intemperance with alcohol as a church employee. THis no doubts explains why he is so eager to support TE’s and homosexual’s and drinker’s in the church. I wonder if his student was drinking alcohol with him. Shame on the prof.

I’m also disappointed that Sean Pitman has not responded by denouncing alcohol. If its true that Sean truly endorses alcohol consumtion as Professor Kent claimed then he needs to clear the air. Why the silence? We cant condemn alcohol consumption by the La Sierra employees unless we are willing to proclaim our own abstinence.

I for one have never had a drop of alcohol in my entire life. What about you my friend?