Charles: @Holly Pham: HollyI think you misunderstand my point. The …

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Charles: @Holly Pham: HollyI think you misunderstand my point. The “futiity” I speak of is in changing anyone’s mind on this board. This board is highly polarized and I have not seen anyone change their mind. In fact, most are making increasingly stronger stands for what they advocate (on both sides of the issues). And maybe that is a good thing.A

I’m sorry that I misunderstood your point. Yes, I agree that not many if any minds will be changed. But, is that why this website was started–to change the minds of those who post here?

I believe that Shane and Sean are trying to bring to the attention of more of our church members the problem of teaching evoluion as fact at La Sierra. And they have done a fantastic job! Spectrum and Adventist Today have actually helped them publicize this to thousands of our church members and to those in authority(thank you Dr. Taylor!).

We have already seen how the General Conference and NAD have at least begun to look at this situation.

And God has already had one professor removed as well as several others who appear to deserve being removed also. Some were surprise how it happened, but God has His own ways of handling things, if and when we don’t act ourselves. I don’t think He’s through yet, though!

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La Sierra University Resignation Saga: Stranger-than-Fiction

Charles: @Holly Pham: I would agree that we need to state the truth. Seems I am clearly on that side. I think there comes a point of futility as well.

Charles, Why would you think defending Truth would be futile? If those who support Truth, as it’s stated in the bible, had as much or more enthusiasm as those who defend error, don’t you think our church would be better? With God on our side, won’t we be successful? Or am I wrong?

Hasn’t God already shown He is aware of problems at LSU and has started to show His power in revealing it, although we may be surprised at how He does it?

La Sierra University Resignation Saga: Stranger-than-Fiction

Faith –

I do appreciate your posts.But remember, this battle is the Lord’s and no one is a match for Him.

The great revealed “accidental” recording wherein the professors implicated themselves for who they really are:Think that was really an accident?Is there any way that any person could have ever accomplished what was accomplished by that little snafu?

The battle is the Lord’s.We should be focused on witnessing for Him concerning the soon-coming “end of the world”. I am trying to pull away from so much debate with these guys.They are better than me at arguing – and few if any have ever been won to the Truth by losing an argument anyway.

There is a benefit from all of this.It gives me reason to treasure even more deeply what I know to be the truth about how we got here, why we are here, and where we go from here.

Charles, Don’t you think we, as individual human beings, should be as active promoting Truth as are those who promote error?

La Sierra University Resignation Saga: Stranger-than-Fiction
I also stand in support of Bob, David, and Bill for their continuing support for the bible and God’s Truth.

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