Jerusalem was still Jerusalem even when the Babylonians marched into …

Comment on La Sierra University Resignation Saga: Stranger-than-Fiction by Colin Maunder.

Jerusalem was still Jerusalem even when the Babylonians marched into the middle of it and took control. There was still a remnant there and even over in Babylon where Daniel prayed toward and for it.

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The End of “Junk DNA”?
I recieved notification of this post by email yesterday (Sabbath in NZ) and read and appreciated it. Opened the newspaper on Saturday night and there was an article about the same thing, minus of course the implications for the evolutionist theory. Thank you Sean. Gutted that I missed the first half of your talk on 3ABN a week ago.

Supreme Court Decision on Church Employment Case
God to Adam and Eve – “if you eat this fruit you will die”. Your ‘works’ will kill you if wrong or allow you to live forever if right (if combined with the fruit of the tree of life).
However “all have sinned” (wrong works, against God’s will) so ALL MUST DIE. To say our works can or can’t save us, is not adressing this fact and is a big, fat, red herring. ONLY the death of an innocent substitute, and this, approved by the Lawgiver, can free us from the penalty we deserve. (save us) Not our works.
ONCE FORGIVEN, our right works, combined with The Bread and Water of Life, will allow us to live forever while our wrong works, if not repented of, will still condemn us to death.
There are books that would reach to the moon on this subject but I believe truth is brief and straight forward.

Supreme Court Decision on Church Employment Case
Ron. I’ve never studied Usher’s chronology and probably never will. However I have read and looked into the Bible chronology a bit. When I read “and Adam lived 130 years and begat a son… and called his name Seth. And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were 800 years…and all the days that Adam lived were 930 years: and he died”, the meaning is so crystal clear there is no need for interpretation. So it is with the rest of Genesis 5 and 11. Paul in Galations didn’t need to “interpret” the 430 years from Abraham’s call to the Exodus. Sometimes the simplest things can be complicated by a multitude of words.

Supreme Court Decision on Church Employment Case
For such a smart guy Ron, you are surprisingly ignorant regarding 6,000 years in the Bible. “Ussher’s” chronology is actually “Bible” chronology, found in Genesis 5 and 11 (to Abraham) and Galatians 3:17 to the Exodus (there are other ways but Paul will do), and then 1 Kings 6:1,38 to the completion and dedication of the first temple. A grand total of EXACTLY 3,000 years. There is general agreement the first temple was finished around 960 BC, not quite 3,000 years ago. So while the Bible does not say 6,000 years, it certainly teaches 3,000 years from creation to about 960 BC. Ellen did not need Ussher to get 6,000 years and neither does anyone else!

The Origin of the Sabbath and the 7-Day Week
AS Christians we follow Jesus and believe in His divinity. He kept the Sabbath, the same one as the rest of the Bible writers and being God, He would have known the correct day. Very few people would argue that the seven day cycle has been broken since Him. Therefore near the dateline, if west of it, we start sabbath a few hours before Jerusalem and if east, a few hours after. We should know the attacks on the sabbath will just increase as we near the end.