Yep! That was us. Good to read that letter …

Comment on Former LSU student letter reveals professor’s agenda by Jason Shives.

Yep! That was us. Good to read that letter again. We never knew if anyone received it because we never received an official/unofficial reply from anyone at the administrative level. At the time, we just felt that administration thought of us as some punk kids trying to start controversy, rocking the boat when things were going just fine. How funny! Just like King Ahab telling Elijah that he was the troubler of Israel for calling out the sins of the country when all along the problem was Ahab’s own sins.

Well, Janelle and I thank “Educate Truth” for all they are doing in leading this effort to shine light in a dark place. We pray for revival and reformation in the hearts of the young people on that campus that they would awake to the reality of what is happening and start speaking up, not one by one, but in mass against this sin against God and His church.

God Bless Educate Truth!

Jason & Janelle Shives

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I agree with Dr. Giem in general except where he acknowledges he goes into “conjecture” mode, but his conclusion comes across too vague. What exactly is it that needs to be done besides what La Sierra has already done both pre-resignations and during the resignations?

Also why ignore the contents of the town hall meeting? Is that not evidence that leadership is talking out of both sides of their mouth to their constituency? I guess we’ll see where things go from here.

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I would like to thank the Michigan Conference of SDA’s for being willing to take ridicule on this issue. La Sierra is obviously in a tough place right now as they continue to speak out of both sides of their mouth when it is convenient for them to do so. I like it when people call a spade a spade, and La Sierra is definitely apostatizing from the SDA church’s and Bible’s account on origins (amongst other things). Can we get a more balanced perspective presented to the students now that they have heard the one-sided LSU talking points in this article?

Jason Shives, M.D.

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i have enjoyed reading gems from your site. I am now have insight in evolutionary theory and its limitations when it comes to creation by God.