If the Church truly believed, it´s universities would be teaching …

Comment on Dr. Geraty clarifies his “Challenge” to literal 6-day creationism by Kathleen McCurdy.

If the Church truly believed, it´s universities would be teaching healthful living and natural healing, and we would still be operating sanitariums instead of five-star hospitals. Our doctors would be healing folks through prayer and water treatments instead of drugs and chemo. Children would be sent to school at 8 or 10, if at all, and would learn bread-making before music, and gardening before geography. Mothers would stay home until their children were in high school, and fathers would teach their children lessons from the Bible. Young people would focus on volunteer work and building up a savings account before considering marriage.

Modern medicine is entirely based on evolutionary theories; modern educational practices are based on the Prussian model of the perfectability of Man; and the disruption of the family assumes that we are not even as faithful as some of the lower species.

All this fundamentalist talk will do nothing to restore spiritual values because, generally speaking, it is just the pot calling the kettle black. Jesus made it plain that the pharisees (fundamentalists) were just as bad as the sadducees (liberals), and that the only way to salvation was through repentance. Now, if no one can find anything to repent of, then we´d all better go home and pray for our opponents because I´m sure there is some truth and much error on either side. –Kathleen

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Defining Adventism: A poll
Pastor Kevin, to “take a stand for the Fundamental Beliefs of the Church” is not the same as to agree that church employees should “openly” uphold those beliefs–which is what I understood the poll was asking.

The church has long confused the need for speaking with one voice OFFICIALLY, with the desire to control what people believe.

The whole Protestant movement was founded on the principle of “sola scriptura”, meaning that the Bible alone, and NOT the church, was to determine what is truth.