Why did you state my comments were the same as …

Comment on Dr. Geraty clarifies his “Challenge” to literal 6-day creationism by Bruce Babienco.

Why did you state my comments were the same as I had already written? They are totally different.

Bruce Babienco

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LSU’s Board targets three of its members
Dear Education Truth:

I have a question: Why have not Elder Tony Amoble of AZ, Elder Larry L. Caviness of Southern CA, and Elder Gerald D. Penick, Sr of South Eastern Calif not followed the leadership of the MI Conferece and stop all finacial support for students from their Conferences who attend LSU? Don’t you think that would help LSU speed up their resolution of the problem of their teaching evolution? I believe MI will lift their ban as soon as LSU solves its evolution teaching problem. Elder Ted N.C. Wilson, our new GC President, has made it very clear what his position is and I hope they don’t wait so long they are punished by higher authority for their foot draging. BB

LSU responds to Michigan Conference
I read with interest the replay to the Michigan Conference by President Randal Wisbey. I read it very carefully as I wanted to read a positive response that would tell me as LSU president he was committed to take the necessary actions to comply with the voted actions of the Pacific Union Conference,the La Sierra Board and LSU Constituency. I was extremely disappointed.
I never read that as chief administrator he would ask the offending professors to stop teaching evolution in their classes. Nor did President Wisbey ever write that he disagreed with evolution’s antibiblical theories. Even thought the introduction to Biology was to have been re-written to comply with the voted actions of the above named boards, when it was examined by the Pacific Union President and his committee, it was voted that it did not meet the required Bible/Creation
standard, and would need to be written again.
This attempt to by-step the voted actions of those intrusted to be responsible that Creation by God was taught, was not addressed by President Wisbey. I only read an attempt to show-case La Sierra University as a wonderful place to obtain an Adventist education…even though it continued to teach evolution!
I graduated from LSU when Edward Heppenstrahl and Tom Blinco were teaching Bible truths, and would stand with other teachers in total opposition to any evolution being taught in any classroom. Oh, that LSU would return to those days when God was honored as the Creator of our world and the one who gave us the fourth commandment where He wrote with His finger in tables of stone – “for in six days the Lord made heaven and the earth..”.
I request that President Wisbey write a response that addresses the issue of evolution as it is being taught in the LSU Biology classes. This is what parents, administrators, and students want to know — what is
your answer. Please confine your response to this one issue: Will evolution
continue to be taught at LSU or will those who have been teaching it be dismissed and those who are hired to take their place sign an agreement they will only teach Creation as a six literal day, 24 hour act of the God of Creation. I respectively await your response.

Bruce Babienco, pastor