“Would you agree that if science proves the world is …

Comment on Elliot Sober: Just Don’t Call the Designer “God” by Ethan.

“Would you agree that if science proves the world is older than 6000- 8000 years, then your iteration of God is not the right one?”

My understanding is that most Adventist creationists have no problem with the planet being older than 6,000-8,0000 years old. It’s the creation of life as described in Genesis as being 7 days that occurred 6,000-8,000 years. Whether this rock called Earth existed prior to the terra-forming is a moot point.

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I just want to correct a statement written earlier about all Biology professors at LSU being Darwinist. One of their professors, who was previously a professor at a university I attended, never promoted evolution while there and I have no reason to believe he’s changed his viewpoint now that he works at LSU.