Faithful Disciple: Holly, you bring up a great point. It is …

Comment on Dr. Geraty Affirms the Literal Creation Week? by Holly Pham.

Faithful Disciple: Holly, you bring up a great point. It is past time to call our elected leaders and ask what they believe in regards to our church’s FB’s. If they say that they have doubts about our beliefs, then we should respectfully replace them. If they are in support of our beliefs, then we should find out why they are silent in this critical time in history and what they are going to do to stand up against the error that is coming out of our colleges and universities. They have a pattern to follow in the Michigan Conference.

That does sound like a good idea–to contact our leaders. But, what if they simply say that they believe but don’t act like they believe? What do we do then?

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Dr. Geraty Affirms the Literal Creation Week?

George Tichy: I don’t think that “TRUTH” is the subject to teach in our institutions, but they should rather provide reliable KNOWLEDGE to the students, and help them to mature becoming able to discern truth.First, because the definition of “truth” is completely subjective. “Truth” according to whom? Look on this discussion and see how difficult it is to define truth! There are so many different “truths” being verbalized here. Each one of us has our own truth and there are no two people that believe in the exactly same truth. Though there are many people who try to impose on others what they define as “THE truth” – usually being just their own biases about certain beliefs, which is not truth. Schools and Universities should provide KNOWLEDGE to the students. Knowledge about everything possible. Religious FACTS, scientific FACTS, and so many other facts. Then encouraging each student to interpret the facts (knowledge) by themselves. This involves open, unbiased discussion of the issues in an atmosphere of respect and freedom of thought/expression. (University environment!) Nobody should be subjected to ANY imposition of ANY kind of truth. Everyone has the right to access ALL knowledge available.

Your philosophy of “truth” does not seem to agree with the Biblical definition of truth. How did you come to believe your definition?
Your philosophy sounds like secular humanism. Is this what you believe we should be teaching our SDA students?

Dr. Geraty Affirms the Literal Creation Week?

Greg: At some point we have to ask whether we have gone too far at this website.

Greg, I don’t understand your comment. How have Shane, Sean, and all the other posters gone too far? As far as I can see, nobody on this website has any administrative position or power position at La Sierra or within the church, at least at any high level.

How did we goad anyone to do anything? If anyone did do anything because this website’s position on the issue, it was because the NAD or GC believed Shane is correct.
So, how could we have

Dr. Geraty Affirms the Literal Creation Week?

John: Holly,When this topic came up 2+ years ago I shared on a blog (not this one or the other two often referenced) that this campaign was to familiar with what our church dealt with years ago. I continue to see it play out as such.As I shared 2 years ago ~ I still believe today ~ I don’t believe for one minute that at the core this has anything to do with creation vs. evolution. That’s just the smoke screen!

What do you mean by smokescreen? Are Shane and Sean blowing smoke up someones skirt?What do you believe is the real reason behind this website. So are Shane and Sean liars? Please explain your interpretation.

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