“When the scoffer is punished, the simple is made wise” Proverbs …

Comment on Dr. Geraty Affirms the Literal Creation Week? by Lou Mendlick.

“When the scoffer is punished, the simple is made wise”

Proverbs 21:11

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Two Conflicting Arguments in Defense of La Sierra University
I will seek to reiterate some facts regarding my own experience at LSU:

As a student at LSU while Randal Wisbey was President, I can testify that I was blatantly brainwashed with Darwinian concepts. We didn’t weigh the conflicting arguments between the two worldviews. We were told that this and that argument had PROVED Darwinian evolution, when in fact, to any thinking mind, we had simply been shown observations which were interpreted according to a Darwinian mindset! When I spoke up about it to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, he conceded that he had no problem with this since, “At the university level” he said, “we teach a more sophisticated knowledge of origins…”

When I talked with President Randal Wisbey and the former Provost, they were not concerned about what I was telling them. Instead, they instituted a Freshman Seminar where students were told by the Dean of the School of Religion, John Webster, that it’s high time that the SDA Church endorse Darwinian evolution. And, that seminar was touted by Randal Wisbey to parents, supporters, and SDA members as a “balanced” look at the issue of origins. No, Dr Webster told us that the literal interpretation of the Bible on origins is not correct. This is the Dean of the School of Religion folks! And now he is the Dean of the new HMS Richards Divinity School! I know one thing: If HMS Richards were alive, he would be defending the Bible against the teachings of John Webster.

The rubber meets the road at LSU when the students are sitting in class being told what to believe, rather than being taught how to think for themselves in analyzing scientific observations. To many, it’s not a big deal; the popular worldview will do.

Yet, at LSU I met a Pastor’s daughter who told me she had become agnostic since attending LSU. Apart from all the media glamor and enrollment counts, there is your fruit re: LSU’s Biology programs. Another friend stood staring at the front of the classroom following Dr. Webster’s presentation in the Freshman Seminar. HE KNEW and shared with me his understanding that what we had just heard was absolutely contrary to the teachings of the Bible. He was shocked, as Dr. Webster received a roomful of applause from people who didn’t realize what they had just heard…

When I attempted to share my faith and beliefs in the Bible on LSU’s campus, I was repeatedly disciplined by Randal Wisbey’s administration. I was denied my right as a U.S. citizen to defend myself before the various committees that were meeting to discuss what I had “done wrong.” All this was done under the leadership of President Randal Wisbey, who knew my situation well.

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles?” – Matthew 7:15-16:

Does LSU’s Dean of the HMS Divinity School support the clear Biblical view of origins? Is Randal Wisbey concerned that the faith of LSU students in the Bible is being sacrificed on a daily basis, all for the sake of a popular worldview?

I’ve already seen and heard the clear and undeniable answers for myself.

Private: La Sierra’s misleading PR campaign
From my experience at La Sierra, Shane’s article is accurate and well written. When you have staff members who are fully converted to evolutionary ideals, they are not going to teach in a “this is just for your information” way. They are sharing with you their beliefs, and supporting those beliefs with the evidence that convinces them that evolution is true.

I took General Biology 3 with Dr Perumal, who spoke openly about God’s amazing Creation. Dr Perumal did present the material in more of a “this is what the theory says” way. Yet this was following General Biology 2, when we had been indoctrinated with evolutionary theory. When I spoke with Dr Perumal in person, he told me that when he came to La Sierra, he was told that the members of the Biology faculty were Creationists. So what does La Sierra define as a Creationist, and how does La Sierra define Creationism?

While at La Sierra, I have heard ZERO defense for the creationist viewpoint. That is because if those who have presented attempted to do just this, they would be speaking a different language than they are used to.

Shane’s comment “This type of propaganda only reveals La Sierra’s determination to cover up what their biology professors are only too honest not to hide” is correct. The professors at La Sierra are honest and sincere in that they are teaching what they believe. Yet they have come to the wrong place to teach what they believe.

My encouragement to every person reading this is to do what you can to make your voice heard, so that the young people at La Sierra University will be shown the truth. Write letters to church and university leaders, and tell them its time they stand up for truth – God’s truth!