This story contains many links to hearsay. We need some …

Comment on Dr. Geraty Affirms the Literal Creation Week? by James.

This story contains many links to hearsay. We need some direct quotes of relevance.

Sean Pitman has further established himself as the Abuser of the Brethren.

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The Rise of Theistic Evolutionism – The Salvation of Christianity?
Ah, got it.

The Rise of Theistic Evolutionism – The Salvation of Christianity?

Art Chadwick: Interesting that you mention an eye witness account to the flood. There are such accounts. Check out for example Luke 17:26 ff.

How is this an “eyewitness” account? Are you suggesting Luke witnessed the flood???

The Rise of Theistic Evolutionism – The Salvation of Christianity?
Wendell said “The point of this is that all scientific evidence of life having been here for billions of years is circumstantial in nature.”

Yes, this is so very true. This is why we trust what God says more than what science says. I don’t understand this torturus debate about evidence vs. faith. Theres no question which is more important, it’s faith.

Biblical Interpretation and Credibility
Sean Pitman said “The term “at face value” means that no other evidence is needed besides what is right there in front of you. That’s it. No other evidence. It means, “to accept something because of the way it first looks or seems, without thinking about what else it could mean.””

I totally disagree. When my wife says about my best friend, “Scott was offended by your remark last night”, I take her word at face value because of evidence I’ve had in the past that she has good judgment. I don’t need to ask about what kinds of evidence she used to reach her decision and I don’t need to seek additional evidence from my other friends who were present, and find out what they thought. I have good reason to accept my wife’s word AT FACE VALUE and I do so.

Professor Kent’s argument is perfectly reasonable. I think you dislike the guy so much that you will disagree with anything he writes. Anything.

And I also disagree with your portrayal of Kent and Brantley espousing “blind faith”. I don’t think they have done this. Kent is right, it’s your straw man argument.

Church says La Sierra Employees Lawsuit is Without Merit

Sean Pitman: “Not “full-blown” evolutionism – just the notion that living things have existed and evolved on the planet from simple single celled organisms to the modern spectrum of highly complex life forms over hundreds of millions of years via a mechanism that involved suffering, sickness, predation, and death… that’s all.”

No, you need to be honest Sean. They did not talk about these topics. You’re way out of line. I have listened to the recording and it was about AAA, LSU, WASC and individual people (with a little basketball thrown in). There was no discussion of organisms evolving, millions of years, suffering, sickness, predation, death. You’re making this up and lying, just as many of us have come to expect of you.

Although Gary Bradley has been linked to theistic evolution I’m not aware of anything to suggest that Beach, Katz or Darnell believe in it. You and your people enjoy smearing others using gossip and innuendo. That’s the whole point of your blog apparently.