Bill Sorenson, In response to your comment “I am doubtful …

Comment on Creation/evolution clash at LSU by D. Fender.

Bill Sorenson,

In response to your comment “I am doubtful that many will ever ‘wake up’ and when they finally do, like the foolish virgins, it will be too late.”

It is sad that human nature does not do a good job of causing us to leave the uncomfortable and prepare for tough times. It does a good job of trying to get us to overlook minor warning signals and stay with the comfortable. It is often to our detriment though.

Look at the times of great turmoil in the Bible that the time of the end of the world is compared to: before the flood, and at the time before the cross. How many of the people prepared for or were studying what was coming? How many were saved or lost? How can we think it will be any different in this time? Matthew 7 says the road to eternal life is narrow and few find it. I am so convinced that extremely bad times are right before us, probably this year in 2011.

I fear for the Adventist people and the Church. God is so wonderful, but most seemed to be closed to Him.

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An apology to PUC
Shane, it takes a big man to stand up publicly and own that he made an error. Especially as public as this has become. Congratulations Shane for showing us what an honorable man you are!

I call those at La Sierra (and all of our other Colleges and Universities for that matter)- all those professors who have deceived the members of the church, those who pay their salaries, to do the same. It is time for the biology and religion professors to apologize to the church publicly for teaching contrary to our church’s beliefs. You can all point your fingers at Shane, but are you big enough to stand up and do as he did.

It is preposterous to say that church members don’t have a right to know what is being taught in our schools and that we should have to register for the class to get that information. ARE YOU NUTS! We ARE the parents, the grandparents, the ones who pay to keep these schools afloat financially. We give our offerings and tithes, and pay the tuition. THE SECRET NATURE THAT YOU USE TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE DOING CONVICTS YOU. If you are doing nothing wrong, then there is no reason that all of your materials cannot see the light of day and prove that you are the honorable people that you claim to be.

For real education reform, take a cue from the Adventists
@Eddie: and EMK

I hear you both very well. Don’t think that I am a spectator just sitting on the sideline, because I am not. I have been in Adventist higher education for nearly two decades.

I don’t believe this problem is fixable. The generation that gives tithes and offerings faithfully is dying off. The younger generation that is less dedicated to the church, both financially and relationally, is poised to take over.

Besides, political correctness is now the god of the nation and is quickly making in roads into the SDA church. Very few people today are ready to do what is right, because it is right, and let the chips fall where they may. Until we have people of faith who follow truth and do what is right because it is right, we will continue to flounder.

For real education reform, take a cue from the Adventists
Eddie, do you suppose that those loyal professors that are teaching solid SDA doctrine, but remaining quiet on error being taught at their schools are exempt from saying something or standing up for the truth? It must be quite troubling to want to be loyal but be worried about standing up against error for fear of losing one’s job. We sure live in troubled times.

For real education reform, take a cue from the Adventists
The Seventh-day Adventist has much to be proud of in the sick, sinful world! We have a great set of Biblical beliefs and a great philosophy of wholistic living.

I once heard a funny spin on our church. Someone said “the SDA church is a school system masquerading as a church.” Education is a life long process for all if us. Thank goodness we had the council to build and run our schools as we do.

For real education reform, take a cue from the Adventists
Johnny, there is no solution to this problem short of a divine solution. After having worked in Adventist higher education for a long time, Eddie has it right. Our schools pay peanuts and expect people to want to make a career on that kind of income. If you pair that with graduates who just want to finish so the can buy their BMW and having a horrendous amount of school loan debt, the pool of qualified people is very small to non-existent. So it is easy for church members to complain about what kind of product they are getting at our schools, but the proverbial one finger pointing at the university and professors, leaves the other fingers pointing right back at them!

Unfortunately, the progressive ultra-liberal professors at our colleges and universities have one purpose in mind, to capture the minds of our young people. It only takes one generation to make the SDA church believe that we evolved, that homosexuality is OK, that our doctrines are flawed, and that we are no different than any other Christian church. We are almost there!