Thank you all so much for your insight. I cannot …

Comment on Ricardo Graham clarifies LSU Board releases by DSpin.

Thank you all so much for your insight. I cannot write so elequently and knowledgeably. I so much consider it a priviledge and appreciate reading the comments posted by Bob Ryan, Johnathan Smith, and Sean Pitman. I guess Johathan summed it up in the fewest words – meet the criteria demanded or get out. I’ve been so upset to hear about this happening to the students of faithful SDA parents. This is much more than an outrage – it is totally satanic. However, who is more in league with Satan – the instructors that teach their own version of the ‘truth’ instead of the SDA belief – or those who turned a blind eye to them doing so? All should be trembling since Christ would have died for a single soul and how many souls will be lost because the persons in positions representing the Church did not take an immediate and decisive stand against this action.

What I noticed today is how many people voted in favor or against the many postings here. Has anyone else noticed that many of them are about 50-50. That fact in itself is very telling, don’t you think??? Noticing this really made me tremble.