“Yet the world is a much different planet today than …

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“Yet the world is a much different planet today than it was following creation week. The flood changed the planet significantly, and the very atmosphere, where carbon-14 is said to develop, has changed. Prior to the flood, the planet was encircled by a layer of water which would have protected it from extremes in temperature, as well as from the carbon-14 creating cosmic rays. Thus, there was much less carbon-14 before the flood.” (Erik)

PURE, UNADULTERATED SPECULATION. Nothing from the Bible requires us to believe or even remotely suggests that C-14 levels have changed since before the flood or that a “layer of water” ecircled the planet.

“Dinosaur nests are explainable many ways. They Noachian flood was not a simple rising and falling of water, but had periods of calm and even the local absence of water per periods of time due to huge tidal actions on a world-wide basis.” (Sean Pitman)

PURE, UNADULTEREATED SPECULATION. So Adventists are required to believe that the flod covered EVERY SPEC of land but now we have huge tidal actions creating dry land that (surviving?) dinosaurs could nest on?(where’s this in the Bible? where’s the data?).

“Do any of the LSU professors accept that the environment changed at the time of the flood? Do they properly instruct their students in these matters, including the fact that much remains “unknown,” and is far from being settled fact? If not, they are not teaching science. They are teaching theories. And those theories have excluded “biblical evidence.”” (Erik)


Come on people. Let’s not be so imaginative AND accusatory!

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An appeal to our leadership
“The fact is, Geanna, that one who has true faith in God does not question His clear, unambiguous word.” (Jonathong Smith)

Ouch…you’ve just pierced my side.

“Final observation? Adventist theology is objective not subjective Biblical theology is objective not subjective The Adventist faith is not a free-for-all of often diametrically opposed opinions under one large tent of subjectivity, drifting from its historical and Biblical moorings (though it may appear to be so in California).” (Victor Marshall)

I’ve reached the conclusion that the Adventist faith has lost its mission of preaching the gospel and loving people into the church. it has become tragically focused on theology, doctrine, rules, and self-governance.. Argue all you want people. I no longer see a place for me in the Adventist church. I used to find love and acceptance but now things have really change. I need a new home.

It is finished.

An appeal to our leadership
“How sad it is that people who claim to be Adventists are at the forefront of tearing down the word of God! By the way, even if you succeed in convincing many, that does not change the facts one bit, and the fact is that earth was created just a few thousand years ago.” (Jonathon Smith)

Go ahead. Wound me deeper. Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

An appeal to our leadership
Clearly the Adventist church is no longer what I thought it was. I used to enjoy copmanionship with fellow believers and had no idea what aa HUGE deal it would be if one asks questions. Everything here reinforces in my mind that I don’t think any of you really care about who I am or what my relationsship with God is like. It all seems to be about facts and beliefs- if I have those “right” I’m good and if I question them and am seeking truth outside of accepted norms I’m “fighting against the holy spirit.” I should hardly be surprised by all the conclusions you have made regarding my faith.

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Ravi Zacharias: Should Church Members be Held to a Higher Standard?
Professor Kent, thank you for defending me, but its not really necessary. You have been very kind to me and I have greatly appreciated the way you and your wife so generously share your faith. You have given me added confidence in the Bible and I have a better understanding of how to trust God’s word ahead of science. Thanks to your encouragement I now enjoy attending church more than ever. I have also learned that my personal experience with God is much stronger when I avoid contentious and negative websites like this one. After reading a few posts here I can’t bear the thought of reading more. Makes my stomach turn.

Your friend,

Ravi Zacharias: Should Church Members be Held to a Higher Standard?
Wow, a friend gave me a phone call and sure enough, my name has come up here again.

Ken, please understand that you are seeing some of the worst of Adventism at this website. I don’t understand the mean-spirited and snarkey posts that are so common here even from clergy like Pastor Constantinescu. I can forgive their treatment of me and others as I attribute their comments to the impersonal nature of the internet. I strongly suspect that if I were casually chatting with them in the foyer after church they would be very kind and gracious, much like most other church members that I sit down with in the pews each week. I prefer to assume these men are sincere upstanding Christians and so I don’t wish to respond in kind to their remarks.

I actually have family in Michigan and fully intend to sit in on a service by Pastor Constantinescu one day. I will make a point to visit with him personally after the service and he will not know who I am (unless I decide to publicy post my impression afterwards- which I think would be uncharitable of me). He will answer to God how he has treated me and others here, and how he treats people in person. I don’t care to defend myself further. Believe whatever you wish to believe, Ken, but know that Jesus loved his enemies and we should be willing to do the same.

Video show LSU undermining church doctrine
I don’t think there is anything any of you truly wish to hear from me. It doesn’t matter how nice or agreeable I am, everything gets interpreted from an extreme point of view that I am seldom able to anticipate. If I have misplaced anything, it has been my time spent here. I agree on many issues about the message, but I don’t share the personal vendetta and punitive approach that others articulate here.

I wrote a very nice, very sincere reply to Sean, thanking him for the many positive things he does for the church. There was no anger or sarcasm in the message. I don’t know why it has not been approved for posting yet, but he is welcome to treat and interpret the message as he wishes. I’ve made my peace and I am finished for good.


Video show LSU undermining church doctrine

Thank you for your concerns about the education of Adventist young people and for trying to find solutions to save them from losing their faith. We need them and they need us.

Thank you for attempting to share with Adventists your understanding of the overwhelming evidence that supports our belief in God, the Bible, Genesis, 6 days, 6,000 years, the spirit of prophecy, the nonexistance of the flying spaghetti monster, and the like. It’s refreshing to know that faith is not enough.

Thank you for bringing the importance of “transparency” and “on the church’s dime” to our attention. Your concepts are like manna to the faithful.

Thank you for pointing out individuals and institutions by name, and making clear to us how they continue to undermine the fundamental values and beliefs of our church and how our administrators have utterly failed to correct them. They must surely be a part of the much-anticipated omega apostasy.

Thank you for taking so much time to correct those of us who disagree with you. Perhaps there is hope for us after all.

Thank you for adhering so vigorously to what you believe to be God’s will for your life. We admire your fidelity to your stated positions and family and spiritual values.

Thank you for defending the faith of those who do not understand or agree with your views but still believe in many of the same spiritual truths that you do. We can only hope that they too can find their way to the kingdom of God.

Thank you for being so patient and respectful toward those who hold to different views than you do. Your example will perhaps inspire these individuals in ways that only God can understand.

May God bless you abundantly.

Video show LSU undermining church doctrine

So, no big deal right? Since most are not affected nothing needs to be done for those that are?

I didn’t say either, Sean. I respectfully pointed out that it was unnecessarily cruel, in my humble opinion, to shut down a university (as some have argued), ship it to Europe (as one individual suggested), or tell parents to send their children elsewhere when so many students have no exposure to the lies and theft that you have diligently brought to our attention and receive blessings from an Adventist college that are very difficult to get from a secular college.

Why is it that I can’t say even one acceptable thing here? No one should object to anything I’ve written in the past few posts above this one. Can’t you simply say, “Thank you Geanna for sharing your experiences and views. You raise some valid points.”