Like Mandi, I am a biology major at WWU. As …

Comment on Walla Walla University: The Collegian Debates Evolution vs. Creation by R. (Biology Major, WWU).

Like Mandi, I am a biology major at WWU. As she said, the survey was horribly written and then mangled even more in the interpretation published in the Collegian.

The Biology department had no part in writing the survey and the majority of biology majors were both deeply saddened and offended by the published paper. It was neither an unbiased or fair look at any of the issues covered. If you are looking for a fair, realistic look at what the students and faculty of Walla Walla believe, this was not it.

The staff at WWU is very conscientious to teach in ways that are in line with BIblical teachings. THe school goes out of its way to teach students like me to grow in faith and knowledge.