I agree with Sean. Our problem as Seventh-day Adventists is that …

Comment on The Full History of La Sierra University vs. Louie Bishop by Vilis Lietuvietis.

I agree with Sean.

Our problem as Seventh-day Adventists is that we fail to demonstrate the courage of our convictions. In other words, we dishonour our Creator by our cowardice in the face of patent, blatant acts of perfidy on the part of institutionalized authority against the ideals and principles which define us, principles which we can and must be able to defend by reason before any rational court of inquiry. John the Baptist was but an example of the principles of Jesus Christ.

The validity, the credibility or accreditation of institutionalized authority must live or die in the perpetual spotlight of criticism. This is the foundation of authority. This is Romans 8. The moment that authority stretches forth its finger to dim the light of any criticism, it loses its validity as an authority. The only valid defense of truth is more truth, stronger light. As a creationist and a firm believer in the Adventist Sanctuary-based mission to proclaim the CREATIONIST based, namely fourth-commandment based three angel’s messages challenging the entire world by an anti-ecumenical message to “COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE”, I have never shied away from criticism. I joined the SDA Church in the Spirit of searching for Truth, and that sanctified (by motive and principle) critical Spirit has continually rewarded my faith by rational evidence, piled up and overflowing beyond all that I could expect or think.

This kind of commitment to truth is a sure ticket to persecution by institutionalized authority, which binds its members together by bribes, threats and sanctions, usually under a black cloak of secrecy operating in public under professed principles which are the lying opposite of what is in fact believed and practiced by its leadership. This is Jesuitism. This is the nefarious, self-promoting principle of many university fraternities – just look at the influence of such fraternities in the composition and activities of members of the US Congress and Senate. This is also the self-promoting principle of university science departments, the most widely honoured and respected mass media, and Government at the highest levels most remote from direct control and criticism of its nominal constituents. This is hijacking by a corrupt Mafia of institutions which originally earned their reputations honestly, but were corrupted by the Foundations of the money barons, in turn controlled by the secret societies, controlled by the Jesuits whose top leaders have been proven to secretly worship Lucifer. It’s that bad.

Under the attack of ecumenical, Orwellian “democratization” in Government, the corporate economy, and education, the freedom to be different, and to associate with like-minded believers adhering to freedom of belief and expression founded on rational and non-coercive principles is crumbling to dust in out “Brave New World” before our eyes.

The greatest offense against the genuine freedoms which define humanity at its best comes not from tyrants, but from good men and women content to do nothing about them, falsely interpreting Romans 8. We have this sacred obligation to act in defense of freedom. LSU offers us our golden opportunity.