@ Nic Bleeker: Are you sure this is talking about …

Comment on The Full History of La Sierra University vs. Louie Bishop by LJ.

@ Nic Bleeker: Are you sure this is talking about John Webster? He is a DR. John Webster, not a Mr. Also, he is a very deep-thinker and fast talker. It is entirely possible that he could have been misunderstood by Louie.

@Louie Bishop: If the person in question is Dr. John Webster, he is also a dear friend of mine and was my lecturer. I never perceived him to believe in evolution at a macro-scale. From the quotes you use, I don’t perceive him to deny a literal 7-day creation, but merely that it took alot of preparation before God spoke things into existence. (kinda like planning). Also, as for the idea that Genesis can have another meaning corresponding with establishing the temple: As long as it’s a 7-day cycle, what does that matter? I think that is a deeper meaning into scripture and a valid thought. I don’t think it denies a literal, Biblical creation. Please rethink your strong stance on this matter. People are not always saying what you suppose them to. Sometimes new or fresh thoughts are seen as falling into another camp (i.e. macro-evolution and Darwinism), when it is merely another or deeper way to see the same traditional view. Those are my thoughts on the matter.

On another topic: It is SHAMEFUL how you were disciplined, and I’m deeply sorry that you were treated like that. I can understand the university feeling that you were trying to cause trouble by stating that the classes were teaching evolution, but I also understand that you were merely trying to share/enlighten people at church. I’m sorry for the miscommunication and consequent battle that ensued. May things be resolved soon, and may you all be at peace, is my sincere prayer. And may all students in the classes evaluate and think clearly what they are being taught, and not just swallow it hook line and sinker or outright reject it, but give each thing serious consideration and personal research.